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Guerrilla Provides New Horizon Details

Guerrilla Games is fueling the hype of Horizon: Zero Dawn, despite the game being at least a year away. After the stunning reveal at Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference, they have just hosted a Twitch livestream with Producer Mark Norris and [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  19 June, 2015

Just Cause 3 Launching On December 1

Roland Lesterlin from Avalanche Studios just announced during Square Enix‘s E3 2015 Press Conference that Just Cause 3 will launch on December 1, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Just Cause 3 is one of our most anticipated [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  16 June, 2015

Ashen is an open world RPG with a style

  Ashen is a new open world RPG revealed during E3, which comes with stylized graphics, but also with a deep impact regarding creatures and environments.   Your character wanders an ashen world, devoid of sunlight, in the hopes of [...] Read more
Marco Boschini |  16 June, 2015

Horizon Takes Place 1000 Years After The Apocalypse, Was Chosen Amid 50 Pitches

Guerrilla Games‘ new IP has finally been unveiled during Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference last night. The early rumors by Shinobi turned out to be true: Horizon is an open world action RPG with lush forests and “robot [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  16 June, 2015

ARK Will Use DX12; Console Launch Expected In Summer 2016

A new development team called Studio Wildcard made today’s news with ARK: Survival Evolved, an open world survival game with dinosaurs. The game is using cutting edge technology and already looks beautiful, as you can see in the reveal [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  11 May, 2015

You barely load in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Usually, news about big games revolves around graphics, performance and gameplay, but, speaking to Gamespot, developer CD Projekt RED revealed a new “little small thing” about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which will make everyone pretty happy, I am [...] Read more
Marco Boschini |  27 April, 2015

GTAV PC Not Limited To 60FPS; Updates Will Be Synced On All Platforms

We’re only five days away from the release of GTAV PC, one year and a half after the original launch on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. The game also appeared last Fall on PlayStation 4 (where we reviewed it) & Xbox One, but this will be [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  9 April, 2015

Just Cause 3 Will Have Random Events, Enhanced AI

Rico Rodriguez is coming back with Just Cause 3 in Q4 2015. Swedish developer Avalanche Studios (who’s also working on Mad Max, in case you forgot) recently started sharing some information and screenshots about the game, though we [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  3 April, 2015

[RUMOR] Batman: Arkham Knight To Be Digital-Only On PC

Yesterday, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have announced that Batman: Arkham Knight would have suffered a two-weeks long delay, from its former early June date to 23 June worldwide. To soften the blow, they have also released a brand new gameplay [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  24 March, 2015
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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review – Templars Rule

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite new IPs of the last generation; the idea of globetrotting around the world to witness some of the most iconic historic events unfolding before your eyes is a fascinating premise, and the secret war [...] Read more
Francesco Ramazzotti |  19 March, 2015


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