Elixir In Clash Of Clans

In the game of Clash of Clans, one needs resources to build make purchases and upgrade his assets.These resources can be elixir, gems, gold, dark elixir and builder elixir. These can be stored in buildings which are specifically used for storing and generating of these resources except gems.

A resource like elixir is collected by an elixir collector and after the collection is done, elixir storages are used to store them. Elixirs can be used for purchasing and upgrading gold storages, dark elixir drills, gold mines, troops, army buildingsanddark elixir storage. You can also use elixir for placing decorations. You can find lot of tips online on Comment avoir Elixir illimité dans clash of clans serveur privé

Role Of An Elixir Collector

  • The role of the elixir collector is to collect elixir from some underground reserve and till the time it is fetched by the player, it stores the elixir. Later these are stored into an elixir storage by the player. Once it is full, there will not be any generation of elixir anymore until it is fetched by the player or an enemy raids it.
  • The level of the elixir collector decides the capacity and production rate. This can be determined by the player based on the appearance of the tank, whether it looks full or not.
  • When a player upgrades an elixir collector, any remaining uncollected elixir will automatically get collected. But while upgrading, no elixir is produced.

Role Of An Elixir Storage

  • The role of elixir storage is to help you to keep your hard earned elixir safe so that it can be used in future. If your elixir storages are full, then even if you gain elixir by raiding, it will not be added to your elixir storage.
  • While the player tries to upgrade it, the elixir storage can still be functioning.
  • The elixir storage and the gold storage are counterpart of each other.
Elixir In Clash Of Clans