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PS4 Gets KUFII In Summer 2015, At Least In Korea

Blueside announced in a press release that PS4 will get Kingdom Under Fire II (KUFII from now on) in Summer 2015, at least in Korea. This was announced on stage during the [...]Read more

New Level 5 PS4 Game Revealed@E3; More Epic Than WKC

Level 5 CEO & President Akihiro Hino has revealed in a livestream that his company is working on a new game for PlayStation 4, which will be revealed at E3 2015. He also [...]Read more

New Driveclub Free DLC Now Available Everywhere

As we previously reported, Sony Computer Entertainment and Evolution Studios had promised some new Driveclub free DLC packs, and they’re now available on the PlayStation [...]Read more

Spencer: Xbox Would Do Fine Without Me; Check XB1 Store This & Next Week

Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer so far has done a great job at turning the Xbox One ship around, with many gamers and even press remarking the positive changes brought [...]Read more

Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Coming To PC According To ESRB

After being listed for PC on Play-Asia, Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round has now been listed on the ESRB site as well, and it looks like the game is definitely coming on Windows. [...]Read more

Constantine TV Series on halt, but not cancelled

  The interesting NBC drama Constantine will officially consist, for now, of 13 episodes only. The cast and crew of the series were informed on Friday that the show is [...]Read more

New Concept Art of Killzone Shadow Fall Is Impressive; Close to Final Product

  New concept art of Killzone Shadow Fall has just been released and we are bringing them for you to enjoy. The concept art shows Helghast side of Vekta and its [...]Read more

Planetside 2 PS4 Will Show Less Concurrent Players Than PC; No Word On Release Date

Remember Planetside 2 PS4? It’s still coming, rest assured. Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment demonstrated the console version on Twitch, and today Creative Director [...]Read more

Deal: Various WiiU Bundles with an Extra Copy of Wind Waker HD or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for $299

  Canadian Wallmart offers a good number of WiiU Bundles for $299,99. Games bundled with the console can be: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Zombie U or Super Mario [...]Read more

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GTAV Next Gen Snaps Are Almost Lifelike

GTAV Next Gen is finally out and people have been exploring the enhanced Los Santos to really appreciate the graphics improvements made by Rockstar Games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the [...] Read more

Dragon Age Inquisition Install Size, Next Gen Graphics Settings Revealed

We're just little over a week from the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition now, and more information trickles out on a daily basis. Bryan Johnson, who works in the Quality Assurance department of [...] Read more

Dragon Age Inquisition Makes Skyrim Feel Small; Multiplayer A Mashup Of ME3 & Dark Souls

Some colleagues already have their Dragon Age Inquisition review copies, and a few of them are already venting thoughts on Twitter. Daniel Kaszor, Editor for the National Post, gave a surprising [...] Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC/PS4 Graphics Comparison

Dragon Age: Inquisition is finally available worldwide on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and, following the success of our graphics comparisons for Lords of the Fallen and [...] Read more

The Best Upcoming RPGs - 2014 To Be The Golden Age

For the gaming industry, 2013 was an exciting year with the release of next-gen consoles and a slew of ground-breaking new titles.  Looking ahead at what we can expect from 2014, it appears safe to [...] Read more

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