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Oddworld’s Stewart Gilray – Exclusive Interview

Last week we released a couple of small teasing excerpts of our interview with Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray. Today you can read the whole thing below, including his thoughts on the PlayStation Plus program and the possibility of using [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  7 April, 2014

Awesomenauts PS4 To Be Released On March 4 and 5

Ronimo Games announced in a press release that Awesomenauts PS4 is finally being released next week, after some last minute delays (the game was originally scheduled for the platform’s launch , and then they suggested it could have been [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  26 February, 2014

Pantheon Interview-Old school MMORPG by Brad McQuaid

It’s a period of upheaval within the MMORPG genre. Many upcoming titles have at least a few sandbox features, in an effort to go back to the genre’s roots as they were originally proposed by Ultima Online; simultaneously, there is [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  24 February, 2014

Aderyn’s Cradle Interview – CryEngine indie RPG

It’s been a while longer than usual since we’ve brought you an exclusive interview. Aderyn’s Cradle, however, should prove quite satisfying, especially for those of you who love RPGs, indie games and great graphics (powered by [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  20 February, 2014

The Repopulation Interview – Sandbox is back

The wind is shifting in the MMORPG genre. After an era of World of Warcraft clones (which had stolen Everquest’s formula in the first place), all belonging to the “theme park” subgenre, more and more games are being developed [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  14 January, 2014

Broken Age: Part One Coming Next Week to Backers

Tim Schafer announced last summer that, due to budget reasons, his Kickstarter game Broken Age will be coming out in two parts instead of all at once. Backers would receive both parts as soon as they are available whereas non-backers can pick up [...] Read more
Francesco Ramazzotti |  10 January, 2014

Veronica Mars Trailer

The official Veronica Mars trailer is finally arrived! The feature film adaptation of the 2004-2007 TV series will open March 14 for Warner Bros. The movie, which was crowdfunded using Kickstarter reaching its goal in just 10 hours will feature [...] Read more
Marco Boschini |  3 January, 2014

Kickstarter pledges on games are now over $200M

According to the official Kickstarter statistics page, the games category has finally topped $200 millions in overall pledges, which is simply astounding. Granted, this number takes into account even the money that was never actually pledged [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  17 December, 2013

The Mandate interview – From Russia to space

If you are interested in TV series and you love the Sci-fi setting, chances are you are also a fan of Battlestar Galactica. Criminally enough, no game has managed to capture some of that unique sense of community within a spaceship, but The [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  22 November, 2013

Deathfire interview – A chat with Guido Henkel

Today I have the great pleasure to introduce Guido Henkel. Many of you may not recognize the name, but what if I told you that this man (who, by the way, not only dabbles as a game designer but also as a composer and novelist) was behind [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  19 November, 2013


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