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I'm me, similar to you, save for the details. Gamer since 1987. Avid film watcher. Writer of fictions.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 day one edition gets tons of add ons

NAMCO BANDAI GAMES EUROPE hopes to entice gamers to pre-order the digital version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 with the announcement of Robin’s Edition. This day one, digital edition will come packed with several exclusive scenarios as well as costumes inspired by the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises.   While the game will also release in [&hellip Read more

Liege port for WiiU approved

With 4 days to go in Kickstarter, TRPG Liege gets its approval for port to the Nintendo WiiU. Now all it has to do is get funding as an additional stretch goal. Earlier in the campaign, the title received approval for its port to PS4, PS Vita, and Linux, which is less than $1,000 away from being funded [&hellip Read more

Ultimate Warrior tears through 2K offices

Amped up by his inclusion in the forthcoming pro wrestling title, WWE 2K14, the Ultimate Warrior paid a visit to the 2K office. While he wasn’t apparently displeased with the game, he still took the time to trounce poor bystanders the way only the Ultimate Warrior could. The iconic wrestler proved that, even though apparently [&hellip Read more

Interview with John Rhee, creator of Liege

Liege is a tactical RPG being developed by a one-man powerhouse, John Rhee. A little more than two weeks after he put the project on Kickstarter, the campaign has not only blew past its initial goal, but also reached its first stretch goal with nearly 800 backers and 18 more days to go. Worlds Factory caught up [&hellip Read more

Worlds Factory staff sends GTA V trailer through the gauntlet

Now that world has had time to soak in the nearly five minutes of Grand Theft Auto V gameplay Rockstar Games has unleashed in video form, it is time to put it through the paces. Several contributors here at Worlds Factory sent the GTA V trailer through the gauntlet to see if Rockstar really gave us more content [&hellip Read more

New MechWarrior Tactics trailer, extended founder’s program

Infinite Game Publishing wants you to sign up for the beta of their latest online F2P game, MechWarrior Tactics. How are they enticing you to do so? By releasing a trailer replete with heavy industrial booms, big block letters, and plenty of tactical action featuring two legged killing machines.   They have also announced the extension [&hellip Read more

Tactical RPG Liege gets mounts, more character details, and the powerful mage class

At the time of this posting, tactical RPG Liege has reached its first stretch goal — the game will be getting mounts. Come next year, players will be able to ride through the kingdom and rain steel from the saddle.   Additionally, creator John Rhee has released more character details ala those quaint character cards (we still believe [&hellip Read more

Stay tuned, GTA V gameplay video coming tomorrow

A new gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V will be dropping on us tomorrow, July 9 at 10 AM EST. With how much prestige the franchise has within the entire video game industry, Rockstar could have just said, “Gameplay video,” with the GTA V logo and we would have all tuned in until it showed up. [&hellip Read more

Google doodle, free point and click adventure

Google doodles have always been known to be creative, finding new ways to pay tribute to notable people and events. In a special nod to the Roswell incident, which happened around this time 66 years ago, the search giant has decided to release a simple point and click adventure featuring an alien looking for the [&hellip Read more

Google, the point and click adventure review

If you happen by Google’s home page, you may be greeted by a grainy black and white animation of an alien ship in what seems to be distress. Click on the play button and find Google’s point and click adventure. This game, let’s call it Google, follows the solitary alien struggling to reclaim the pieces of [&hellip Read more

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