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Play 4 Fun, Play 2 Win!

DRIVECLUB’s Manual Is Online, An Epic Barrel Roll Taped


The days of sumptuous manuals coming in the box of the game are gone and are more often than not replaced with digital manuals. DRIVECLUB goes a step further and introduces online manuals. You can check it out right away here. It looks pretty much like the regular digital manual which covers all the basics [&hellip Read more

DriveClub Has You Racing “in Hundreds of Players”


DriveClub is coming out soon and while you will be racing on the track, it seems the track is not the only place where you’ll be able to test your engines. At least according to the box of the game.     That’s right! DriveClub will have you going inside other players, both offline and [&hellip Read more

Official Unboxing of White Destiny PS4 Bundle


Sony has just uploaded the unboxing of white PS4 bundled with Destiny, which arrives along with Destiny on September 9th, 2014.   Read more

Would You Sacrifice The Last Guardian for The Last of Us Remastered? – The Search Begins

the last of us remastered

The Last of Us has a legacy that shall not be forgotten and in the spirit of that legacy NeoGAF user xenorevlis (Peter Segura on YouTube) made comedy gold. Relish in his narrative that sucks you in and takes across a world desperate for The Last of Us Remastered, where no stone is left unturned [&hellip Read more

The Last of Us on Xbox One? Not In The Slightest, But Neil Druckmann Managed to Fool Some

the last of us remastered

Release date of The Last of Us: Remastered is closing fast and  the hype train is full speed ahead, promising to class entertainment and graphical improvements for all PlayStation 4 users.   Neil Druckmann was expressing joy on Twitter because of NeoGAF gifting him with a new background, but it seems he managed to ruffle the feathers as [&hellip Read more

Battlefield Hardline Trying to Visually Distance Itself from BF4? Will it work?

battlefield hardline

Battlefield: Hardline has often been accused of being a Battlefield 4 DLC or just Battlefield 4.5, and similar HUD was the first obvious thing that those two games share in common.   Visceral Games acknowledged the critics and promised to “establish a clearer visual difference from Battlefield 4 and improve the messaging of the in-game [&hellip Read more

G2A Deals: Sniper Elite 3 $28, Metro Redux $35, XBL Gold $15, D3: RoS $23


G2A is back again with its weekly deals, classified as PayPal exclusive.   Out of the recently released titles, they have few titles on sale such as Wildstar for $14,90, South Park: The Stick of Truth for $22,97 and Sniper Elite 3 (plus an extra DLC) for $28,23 which should take care of anyone’s thirst for [&hellip Read more

The Last of Us Screenshot Comparison


Sony finally released four 1080p screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered and many might ask themselves how much of an improvement really is there, after the boasts shouted via Twitter by Naughty Dog developers. Comparing the two screenshots, taken from the very same gameplay scene, it’s obvious that the graphics improvement is just massive and could [&hellip Read more

The Last of Us: 4 New Amazing Screenshots


Sony just released four new The Last of Us: Remastered screenshots and we’re bringing them to you in their full glory. Enjoy! Read more

Killzone Shadow Fall’s DLC Adds Farting, Planking…


Outside of Killzone Shadow Fall’s 2014 DLC Roadmap, Guerrila Games has been releasing smaller pieces of DLC of a more cosmetic nature.   The latest piece of DLC they released is a Spotlight Pack titled Fun and Games and priced at $1,99.   This micro-DLC offers new moves including farting, planking and more, all for [&hellip Read more

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