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Gaming writer since ages, now Founder and Editor in Chief of Worlds Factory. Clan Leader/Guild Master of La Legione del Drago, clan/guild of heroes jumping from a virtual world to another for the most epic (?) adventures ever seen.

Driveclub Update 1.09 Live Now; AI Changes Teased


Evolution Studios has been on a roll with Driveclub updates lately, and a new one is now available for download (don’t be scared by the download window which says 2.54GB, that’s for the entire update history – this particular patch is just about 200MB).   Update 1.09 brings stability improvements, audio improvements and leaderboard “fixes”. [&hellip Read more

GTAV Next Gen Input Lag Reportedly Fixed In Latest Update


GTAV Next Gen released a few weeks and it was praised pretty much everywhere (including here). However, some of the more attentive gamers spotted an increased input lag in comparison to the last gen version, sparking a heated discussion on Neogaf. A gif was also posted to further illustrate the issue at hand; the second [&hellip Read more

The Witcher 3 Zoltan Looks Much Better Than He Did In The Witcher 2


If you’re looking for some reassuring news on The Witcher 3, today is your lucky day. CD Projekt RED just released a flurry of new assets and information and one screenshot in particular stands out, depicting Geralt’s dwarf friend Zoltan Chivay.   Unlike Ciri, Zoltan was featured in the previous games and as such, we [&hellip Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Dragon Age

RPG fans had a great year in 2014 as we predicted despite some prominent delays (Pillars of Eternity and The Witcher 3), but the sweetest treat is perhaps one of the latest in 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition. I had speculated that this game could have been Bioware‘s comeback, and after dumping 85+ hours of my time [&hellip Read more

Shards Online Interview – Ultima Meets NWN


If you stumbled into a discussion between a couple of veteran MMORPG players, it wouldn’t be surprising for you to hear Ultima Online and Neverwinter Nights cited. Both of these games were highly influential in their own way: there’s an increasingly large and vocal niche that demands a return to the sandbox gameplay initially introduced [&hellip Read more

More Info On TW3 Second Playable Character; Dev: Game Won’t Disappoint

the witcher 3_torch_cave

It’s been a hectic week for The Witcher 3 fans. During The Game Awards 2014 in Las Vegas, CD Projekt Red showed the latest TW3 ‘Elder Blood’ trailer (embedded below) and announced that the game will feature a second playable character; shortly after that, fans began raging all over the Web over low resolution textures [&hellip Read more

Interview On Giana Sisters, DieselStormers & More


After yesterday’s tease, it’s time to publish our full interview with Black Forest Games. The main topic is of course the impending release of Giana Sisters on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we also spoke of DieselStormers and got a hint for the next Giana game. Enjoy! I’ve just read that you are bringing [&hellip Read more

The Witcher 3 Delayed To 19 May 2015

the witcher 3_geralt

CD Projekt RED just announced how The Witcher 3 is going to be delayed to 19 May 2015. Here’s the full press release: Dear Gamers, Ever since we started working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we knew it would be an ambitious game. We wanted, and still aim, to give you an incredible experience, [&hellip Read more

Giana Sisters Runs@1080P/60FPS On PS4 & XB1


Amidst of all these big announcements in the gaming industry, the next gen release of an indie game like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams might be overlooked. That would be unfortunate, as this a pretty good platform game; we’ve contacted German studio Black Forest Games to know more about these versions and their future plans. Today [&hellip Read more

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