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Gaming writer since ages, now Founder and Editor in Chief of Worlds Factory. Clan Leader/Guild Master of La Legione del Drago, clan/guild of heroes jumping from a virtual world to another for the most epic (?) adventures ever seen.

New The Witcher III Info On HUD, Save Importing, Alchemy

the witcher 3_geralt

A lot of new The Witcher III info dropped today, including a 15 minutes long gameplay footage which we’ve embedded below. Other than that, there have been clarifications on certain aspects of the game such as the game’s HUD, the save games importing and the alchemy system. Community Coordinator Marcin Mormot clarified on the official [&hellip Read more

15 For ’15 – Our Most Anticipated Games Of 2015


The year is still young, and it’s time to lay down our 15 most anticipated games of 2015.  There are many more interesting games, of course, but these ones stood out for us just a little more, at least for the time being; you’re more than welcome to write your list in the comments section, [&hellip Read more

GW2 Heart of Thorns Announced With Lots of Info


Guild Wars 2, or GW2 for its fans, had been the most anticipated MMO prior to its release, as some of you probably know. After its release, however, it slowly but surely faded into the background of the genre as many gamers voiced their disappointment at the unfulfilled promises originally made by ArenaNet.   Still, [&hellip Read more

Bloodborne Will Support Up To 5 Players Online


Highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne will support up to five players online, according to the official game page of PlayStation Network. The action roleplaying game developed by From Software was originally scheduled to release in February, but the developer successfully obtained a short one month delay to improve polish; as such, the release date [&hellip Read more

ESO Targeting 1080P@30 On PS4&XB1; More Info Revealed In AMA


A few key members of ZeniMax Online, the development studio created specifically for Elder Scrolls Online, have been engaged today in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to clarify and reveal information. Just a couple of days ago, it was announced that the monthly fee won’t be necessary anymore, changing the business model from [&hellip Read more

SMITE Interview – On Xbox One, PS4 & More


Here’s our full interview with Todd Harris, COO of Hi-Rez Studios, the team behind SMITE. We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s preview, and stay tuned for more developer interviews soon! You have confirmed that servers on Xbox One will be separate from the ones on PC. However, many players have been asking about the opportunity to [&hellip Read more

No Man’s Sky Has Destructible Terrain, Vows To Make Resource Gathering Fun


No Man’s Sky has been in many gamers’ most anticipated lists for quite some time since its reveal, and yet its main focus as a game is still a bit hazy. Yesterday Eurogamer published a massive interview with Managing Director Sean Murray specifically trying to address this topic, and while many aspects of the game were [&hellip Read more

Dev: XB1 Is Very Powerful, SMITE Runs@Solid 30FPS


The wild growth of the MOBA genre has been so far largely confined to PC, but now developers are starting to look with great interest at consoles as an additional market. Hi-Rez Studios is going to lead the charge thanks to the upcoming Xbox One release of SMITE, the atypical MOBA featuring a third person, [&hellip Read more

Fable Legends Coming On PC, CrossPlay With XB1, Uses DX12


Phil Spencer just announced and showed on stage at the Windows 10 Media Briefing that Fable Legends is coming to PC. The game is cross-play enabled with Xbox One, and it will use DirectX 12 on Windows 10 to get maximum performance; it’s not clear if it will use DirectX 12 on Xbox One as [&hellip Read more

Elder Scrolls Online Goes B2P, Reaches Consoles On June 9


Bethesda just released a press release announcing a ton of stuff for Elder Scrolls Online, including the release date on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and the change from Pay-to-Play (P2P) to Buy-to-Play (B2P) business model, meaning that a subscription fee won’t be required any more to play.   The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will [&hellip Read more

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