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Gaming writer since ages, now Founder and Editor in Chief of Worlds Factory. Clan Leader/Guild Master of La Legione del Drago, clan/guild of heroes jumping from a virtual world to another for the most epic (?) adventures ever seen.

Hitman Alpha Leaks – First Impressions & Clips


Square Enix officially revealed the new Hitman game during E3 2015, though details were fairly scarce. We know that the title will release in a similar way to Early Access games – at first, it will only be available digitally (starting from December 8, 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) with the aim [&hellip Read more

Blood Bowl 2 Interview – Football Within Warhammer


If you’re a fan of Warhammer and fantasy in general and you also dig American football, then Blood Bowl 2 should be right up your alley. The sequel of the turn-based game is scheduled to hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 22, and we reached out to French developer Cyanide to give [&hellip Read more

Blood Bowl 2 To Run@1080P/30 On PS4, 900P/30 On XB1


Not everyone may be familiar with the fairly crazy concept of Blood Bowl, originally a turn-based fantasy (american) football board game created by Jervis Johnson for Games Workshop and set in an alternate version of Warhammer. This was adapted to videogames by French developer Cyanide and released in June 2009, six years ago, with a [&hellip Read more

Sony’s Jim Ryan Commends Microsoft For E3 2015, Explains Market Share Lead In Europe


VG247 just published a very interesting interview with Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). It took place just a few hours after the press conferences of E3 2015 ended, with Ryan commending Microsoft’s show. Yeah. I mean, days like yesterday make you realise you can’t sit on your laurels and [&hellip Read more

Here’s How You Control A Jedi (or Sith) In Star Wars Battlefront


Star Wars Battlefront is coming back later this year thanks to DICE, in case you didn’t know already. We’ve finally seen some gameplay during E3 2015, but most of it revolved around shooter gameplay while playing as a trooper; a staple element of Battlefront, though, is the ability to play as heroes like Luke Skywalker [&hellip Read more

Is Uncharted 4 Releasing On April 22, 2016?


After the new gameplay demonstration at E3 2015, PlayStation 4 gamers are even more hyped about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sadly, the game is still very far off – the official target window is Spring 2016, though there will be a multiplayer beta at an earlier date (access is included with the purchase of [&hellip Read more

Dreams Is Difficult To Explain, Will Have Game Content, Says Dev


Media Molecule finally announced their brand new PlayStation 4 game during Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference. It’s called Dreams and it really pushes the boundaries of videogames as a whole in terms of vision; basically, it lets you experience the “dreams” made by other players, not to mention create and share your own. That said, [&hellip Read more

Guerrilla Provides New Horizon Details


Guerrilla Games is fueling the hype of Horizon: Zero Dawn, despite the game being at least a year away. After the stunning reveal at Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference, they have just hosted a Twitch livestream with Producer Mark Norris and Senior Gameplay Designer Dennis Zopfi providing more details on the E3 demo and the [&hellip Read more

Devs Want DOOM To Be A Visceral Action Game Rather Than Horror


The new DOOM in development at id Software was finally unveiled during Bethesda’s E3 2015 Press Conference. The game looked quite different in terms of style when compared to the previous iteration (Doom 3), and Pete Hines (VP of Marketing & PR at Bethesda) commented on this topic in an interview with Venturebeat. DOOM 3 [&hellip Read more

Fallout 4 Dev: Graphics Matter; Enviroments Will Be More Varied


Fallout 4 Dev Todd Howard (Game Director at Bethesda) had some interesting words while speaking on stage at E3 2015. First of all, he believes that graphics matter in videogames in order to help players with the suspension of disbelief. I think with each of our games the graphics is always going to move along, [&hellip Read more

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