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Nintendo Warrior. Fan of pretty much all game genres.

Samurai Warriors 4 Review – The Way of The Warrior


Action games are making a comeback this year. Not too long ago we were plagued with shooter after shooter, and although the shooters are still releasing in full force, we’ve seen action games making resurgence – Bayonetta 2 released to huge acclaim, Hyrule Warriors was a surprise star, and now we have Samurai Warriors 4, [&hellip Read more

Super Smash Bros. Wii U – 50 Must-See Things Livestream set for 24th October


This morning in a Press Release issued by Nintendo it was announced that October 24th will see a livestream on the Nintendo Direct website, where they will show 50 Must-See features for the Wii U version of the highly anticipated party game. The game will be released in the EU December 5th and NA November [&hellip Read more

Natural Doctrine Review – Cruel and Unusual


“Games just aren’t difficult anymore” is a phrase thrown around by elder, nostalgic gamers regarding the games of their youth. In a sense, there’s some truth to it; Super Mario 3D World is hardly as challenging as Super Mario Bros. if you’re a newbie, or – heaven forbid – the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 [&hellip Read more

DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye Despair Review – Hello Adventure


Luminous pink blood splatters on walls, cryptic hints that look as important as garbage, a cast of characters so zany they could look right at home on Cartoon Network… Yep, DanganRonpa is back. For those that are unaware, DanganRonpa is a murder mystery slash graphic novel where you and a group of other teens are [&hellip Read more

Destiny Review – Just Not Meant To Be


It feels like eons ago that we heard Bungie was breaking up with Microsoft, and now that Microsoft has custody over their lovechild Halo, Bungie’s in need of a brand new triple-A IP to wow their desperately hungry audience. After a long wait, many believed a new dawn could be coming for Bungie – and [&hellip Read more

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited – Worth the Visit


Despite being a long-running and very popular series, I doubt you would be blamed if you were to admit that you’d never heard of Disgaea. Still, being over a decade old and with fans all over the world, there are very good reasons to pay attention to this adorable little Turn Based Strategy series! In [&hellip Read more

Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color is released on 3DS Virtual Console July 10th


In a surprising turn, Nintendo UK has today announced that Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color will see release on 3DS Virtual Console this week – July 10th.   The game was a cult classic, with many Pokémon fans calling for either a remake or an all-new game in the series for [&hellip Read more

GRID Autosport Review – Start Your Engines…


Racing fans have been anticipating this one for a while, and GRID Autosport is finally upon us. Codemasters’ latest entry in the GRID franchise gives players a huge variety of vehicles to drive, events to participate in and tracks to zoom along. The main question is, is it well made? In short, yes. GRID Autosport [&hellip Read more

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review – King of the Pirates

one_piece_unlimited_world_red_ cutscene

The fourth game in the One Piece Unlimited series by Ganbarion promises to be the very best game in the series yet, perfecting the blend real-time action combat and RPG elements. Does the title deliver on all it promises? Well, there are downsides and upsides, but all in all, Unlimited World Red just may be [&hellip Read more

Mugen Souls Z Review – Cute But Troubled


Adorable, cute and endearing are all words I would use to describe Mugen Souls Z. Tedious, frustrating and longwinded are just a few more words I would use. Oh dear, a cutesy charming JRPG with a lot of charm is let down by long, boring dialogue, performance issues and an odd premise that makes it [&hellip Read more

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