Killer PS4 Bundle with 5 Newest AAA Games and a Blu-ray for just £399.99

Game.co.uk has a great deal for anyone hunting for PlayStation 4 this Christmas season, a deal so good rarely seen. They offer a PlayStation 4 console bundle with DRIVECLUB, Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dogs, Destiny (+ Vanguard) and Call of Duty: [...] Read more
Mihael |  23 December, 2014

New BF Hardline Info: Beta News Soon, Multiple Levolution Per Map & More

Vice President/General Manager of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis, who is also Executive Producer on Battlefield Hardline, just tweeted some new information ahead of a brand new trailer (which you can find now below). Papoutsis confirmed that [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  22 December, 2014

Tekken 7 PC Release Being Considered, Says Harada

Tekken 7 may only be officially in arcades now, but the famous fighting franchise's 7th entry may be coming to PC eventually according to Katsuhiro Harada, creator of Tekken. The franchise has come to PlayStation and Xbox alike, but PC? Unheard of. [...] Read more
Sawyer Scherbenske |  21 December, 2014
in-arrivo-jojos-bizarre-adventure-eyes-of-heaven (1)

First trailer for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure just came out with a 3d fighter in their name, but the time has come for another fighting game release, this time with tag teams and even more characters, environments, and fighting action! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of [...] Read more
Sawyer Scherbenske |  21 December, 2014

Driveclub Update 1.09 Live Now; AI Changes Teased

Evolution Studios has been on a roll with Driveclub updates lately, and a new one is now available for download (don't be scared by the download window which says 2.54GB, that's for the entire update history - this particular patch is just about [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  20 December, 2014
ffxv (1)

Final Fantasy XV Shows New Character, New Town & New Monster

It's a big day for Final Fantasy XV! A promotional poster scan straight from Famitsu shows off a mysterious female character clad in a yellow jacket and goggles around her neck, a mechanic for the main party's car perhaps? Maybe she'll be [...] Read more
Sawyer Scherbenske |  20 December, 2014

GTAV Next Gen Input Lag Reportedly Fixed In Latest Update

GTAV Next Gen released a few weeks and it was praised pretty much everywhere (including here). However, some of the more attentive gamers spotted an increased input lag in comparison to the last gen version, sparking a heated discussion on Neogaf. [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  18 December, 2014

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 confirmed by CI Games

  If you are a fan of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior saga, you will be pleased to know that CI Games is now working on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, to release sometime in the first half of 2016.   The game will be a triple A product for PC, [...] Read more
Marco Boschini |  16 December, 2014

The Witcher 3 Zoltan Looks Much Better Than He Did In The Witcher 2

If you're looking for some reassuring news on The Witcher 3, today is your lucky day. CD Projekt RED just released a flurry of new assets and information and one screenshot in particular stands out, depicting Geralt's dwarf friend Zoltan Chivay. & [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  16 December, 2014

PS4 Friend Login Notification Coming Soon?

Today, Sony posted a brand new video on their PlayStation YouTube channel titled "Play & chat together in a party". It's clearly made as some kind of guide for new users, but they might have inadvertently teased a new feature. Interestingly [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  11 December, 2014


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