Escape Dead Island Has Reason To Replay It

Escape Dead Island, the spin off to the Zombie Paradise Hack and Slash game from 2011 will have some kind of reason to replay the game again once you’ve finished. The game centres on a new character, Cliff Carlo, as he investigates the [...] Read more
Rosh Kelly |  20 August, 2014

Yoshida: There Was A Huge Technical Issue With Driveclub

Most of you will probably remember that Driveclub was unexpectedly delayed off its original release as a PlayStation 4 launch title last year. However, specifications on the exact reasons of this delay have never been given away - until now. Sony [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  19 August, 2014
Metro Redux

Hands On With Metro Redux

Metro Redux paints the Metro Series in a new light. Having the opportunity to play through a small section from Metro Last Light, I got the chance to explore the surface as we set out to search for the last remaining Dark One. It was a familiar [...] Read more
Rosh Kelly |  19 August, 2014

Warhammer 40K EC Early Access Coming A Lot Sooner Than Early 2015

Among many other appointments, at Gamescom 2014 we had the pleasure to meet with Behaviour Interactive's Head of Studio for Online Games, Miguel Caron, about Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade, the persistent online action MMORPG announced last year. [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  18 August, 2014

LittleBigPlanet 3 Lets You Edit Characters

LittleBigPlanet 3 will allow players to alter characters and their abilities in a newly refurbished character customisation mode. More than just editing the costumes, faces and materials of your chosen character (Sackboy plus the three new [...] Read more
Rosh Kelly |  18 August, 2014
rise of the tomb raider logo release

Spencer: Rise of the Tomb Raider Deal Can Help It Become Bigger

One of the most shocking news revealed during Gamescom 2014 in the past week has to be the temporary exclusive deal that Square Enix signed with Microsoft. This means that Rise of the Tomb Raider will appear on Xbox One and Xbox 360 first in [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  18 August, 2014

LittleBigPlanet 3 Has Lots of Depth

Whereas earlier games in the series had only three layers the player could interact with, LittleBigPlanet 3 will have 16! This is a huge increase in the amount of the depth the game will feature, allowing creators much more variety in modelling [...] Read more
Rosh Kelly |  15 August, 2014
Evil Within

The Evil Within Has Harder Puzzles On Harder Difficulty

The ‘Survival Horror’ genre has often had puzzles. Most involve some form of unpleasant death or something equally horrible. From the first Residents Evil silver key incident to telekinetic challenges of Dead Space, one can always expect some [...] Read more
Rosh Kelly |  14 August, 2014
the witcher 3_geralt_bear

The Witcher 3 Has 96 Animations Just For Combat

Speaking with Worlds Factory at Gamescom 2014, CD Projekt RED's Visual Effects Artist Jose Teixeira said that Geralt has over 96 animations just for combat in The Witcher 3.   That's just the tip of the iceberg though, because Teixeira [...] Read more
Alessio Palumbo |  14 August, 2014

Dead Island 2 Trailer: "Come for the Sun Stay for the Slaughter"

As of just today, Deep Silver released a new trailer titled "Sunshine and Slaughter" for their newest installment to the Dead Island series. As the YouTube description reads, this trailer "gives [players] a first impression on how beautiful [...] Read more
Amanda Russell |  11 August, 2014


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