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Born in Italy but traveled the world, the only constant thing in my life is my undying love for video games and geek culture.

Dreamfall Chapters Book 2 Review – DreamZzzz….

maxresdefault (3)

I’ve already reviewed the first book of Dreamfall Chapters in October last year and found that for a sequel to the 2006 game Dreamfall: the Longest Journey the game didn’t do a great job easing new players into the world. Add on top of that a clunky interface, inaccurate control and its fair share of visual glitches [&hellip Read more

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review – Templars Rule

ACC 2015-03-21 01-44-52-36

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite new IPs of the last generation; the idea of globetrotting around the world to witness some of the most iconic historic events unfolding before your eyes is a fascinating premise, and the secret war between Templars and Assassins adds an interesting -albeit somewhat silly – twist to history as [&hellip Read more

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Review


I took Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms out for a spin some months ago while it was in Early Access and, whilst I did have a decent time with the game, I couldn’t quite get into it as much as I wanted to. I recommended that the game could use some more development time to iron out the bugs [&hellip Read more

Valkyria Chronicles Review (PC)


Originally a PS3 exclusive, Valkyria Chronicles was met with stellar reviews when it launched back in 2009. Among all the praises, what made Valkyria Chronicles stand out was its unique mix of the European WWII era and Japanese anime aesthetic which, coupled with an immersive story not scared to explore darker themes and a diverse, charismatic cast, [&hellip Read more

Football Manager 2015 Review


When you first glance at a Football Manager game, the fact that this game gets released on a yearly basis may come as a shock. At the end of the day, it’s basically a big excel sheet with football matches you can’t play. Hell, if I posted a screenshot from Football Manager 2011 next to a screenshot of Football [&hellip Read more

Assetto Corsa Review – Quality over Quantity


Assetto Corsa isn’t your standard racing game. Sure, the whole point of it is the same as any other racing game but with a focus on realism and simulation. In fact, even the game considers itself a simulator more than anything, heavily favoring quality over quantity, something that may be a turn off for some players. [&hellip Read more

Dreamfall Chapters Review – Bedtime Story

Dreamfall Chapters 2014-10-23 22-16-10-75

Dreamfall Chapters is the sequel to 2006’s Dreamfall: The Longest Journey which was a story-based adventure game, similar to the more recent titles by Telltale, with a particular focus on characters and world building. Chapters takes place shortly after the events of the first game, but, in our world, 8 years have passed. Is this story worth [&hellip Read more

F1 2014 Review – Same car, different tyres


You should be used to seeing another F1 game hitting store shelves in October. Since its first release in 2011, Codemasters has been releasing one of these every year without fault. F1 2011 was the first good Formula 1 game in a long time, F1 2012 improved on that formula (pun not intended) and added a lot of [&hellip Read more

Project CARS Hands-On


Project CARS has been a major talking point of the racing game genre for quite some time. Crowdfunded thanks to a very dedicated racing community, Project Cars is looking to battle head to head against established racing simulations such as Forza and Gran Turismo and even promising indie newcomers such as Assetto Corsa. We were able to go hands on [&hellip Read more

F1 2014 Hands-On Preview

F1_2014-07-11 09-58-41-45_screen_15_1406716979

Another F1 Season, another F1 game by Codemasters. Much like FIFA, Madden and Call of Duty, we’ve come to expect a yearly release of the racer but, as we all know, it becomes increasingly difficult to improve from the previous iteration in such a short period of time. The first F1 game was great, even if it lacked [&hellip Read more

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