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Born in Italy but traveled the world, the only constant thing in my life is my undying love for video games and geek culture.

Betrayer Review – Just Missing A Few Colors


You wake up on a beach in colonial America after having survived a shipwreck. The whole world is painted in black and white and all you hear is the sound of waves crashing and birds chirping in the distance, yet, something feels off. As you venture inland you start finding clues and other odd hints [&hellip Read more

Alien: Isolation Hands-On


One game was the biggest talking point of EGX Rezzed: Alien: Isolation. It seemed like everyone at the show either played it or was queuing to play Creative Assembly‘s survival horror game. Obviously, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity, read on to find out what we thought of it.   The playable demo was a [&hellip Read more

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Hands-On

HLM2 Screen 6-noscale

Hotline Miami was an indie success story when it released on October 2012. Featuring an excellent soundtrack, brutal difficulty and a strange story which kept you guessing until the very end, Hotline Miami was one of the indie highlights of the year. Luckily, for the fans of the first game, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number [&hellip Read more

Shadow Warrior (PS4) Hands-On


Shadow Warrior was released on PC in September 2013 and was met with generally good reviews – our own JD Brewer gave it a score of 85 in his review; praising its fun and fast combat as well as the variety of skills and abilities at your disposal. Now that Shadow Warrior is coming out [&hellip Read more

Stronghold Crusader 2 Hands-On


Who remembers the original Stronghold Crusader? If you don’t, that’s probably because the game is 12 years old and was the sequel to a 13 year old game. The series since then has seen several ups and downs; the fourth installment, Stronghold Legends, introduced fantasy elements that the fans despised, but in 2012 the developers (Firefly [&hellip Read more

Age of Wonders III Review – Simply Wonderful


Age of Wonders is a name which hasn’t graced the gaming scene in a very long time; over a decade, in fact. Triumph Games is looking to make the series relevant once more with Age of Wonders III but, will this game mark a new a age for the series, or was it best left [&hellip Read more

Dark Souls II Review – Prepare to die. Again.


The Souls series is mostly renowned for its brutal difficulty. When the first rumor surfaced regarding the sequel to Dark Souls, many fans were worried that From Software would sacrifice some of its difficulty in order to appeal to a broader audience. After playing (and dying) quite a bit, I can easily put these rumors [&hellip Read more

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review – Fart to Win


South Park: The Stick of Truth is a continuation of the 17th season of the show, with many characters maintaining their Game of Thrones-esque appearance and mood from the last four episodes. Obsidian Entertainment did a remarkable job at making the game look and feel like an episode straight from the show; it’s rude, foul, [&hellip Read more

The Witness: Jonathan Blow Gives 10 Min Walkthrough

Ever since itss announcement at the Playstation 4 reveal, we haven’t heard or seen much about Jonathan Blow‘s latest creation, The Witness. Luckily, the mind behind the indie hit Braid has prepared a rather lengthy 10 minute walkthrough of a section of the game which should give us a more concrete idea on how the [&hellip Read more

Forza 5 Smoking Tire Pack Out Now, 10 Cars for $10


The Forza 5 “Smoking Tire” car pack is out now and available for download. For $10 you get yourself 10 brand new cars with some of the most noteworthy names being the 2011 Ferrari FF and the 2000 BMW Z8. All the cars were built from the ground up for next gen, meaning they will look [&hellip Read more

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