The Witcher 3 targeting 30FPS with PhysX destruction

After the short new trailer shown at the VGX Awards 2013, the hype for The Witcher 3 managed the impossible feat of raising even more than previously. For all of the fans among you, here’s some new information, courtesy of Italian website PC Gaming which interviewed Balázs Török, head programmer at CD Projekt RED.

First of all, Torok confirmed that the developer is currently targeting 30 FPS on next generation consoles:

As always, we aim for the highest graphics quality, and this naturally imposes limitations. We haven’t reached the point in time when we’ll be able to divulge details regarding resolutions, but in terms of framerate we’re targeting 30 FPS.

There’s not only graphics pushing the hardware in The Witcher 3, however, as PhysX based destruction will play an important role in the game.

We’re working to make destructibility an important part of the game. We don’t want to add something just for the sake of technology, therefore we’re analyzing the many situations in which players will be able to interact with objects in the game world. Currently, we’re using a system for destructibility and cloth simulation which is based on NVIDIA PhysX, more specifically using APEX. We’re doing everything we can to optimize in our own, although we are always in touch with NVIDIA to eventually reach the best possible performance.

There are many factors that determine which effects are executed on PC without performance hassles, and the GPU is of course the primary one.

Torok also commented on Mantle, suggesting skepticism on AMD’s new API. If I was to bet, I’d do it against The Witcher 3 using it.

If Mantle will be used by other GPU makers as well, it could become an effective alternative to DirectX in games. Until then, we cannot be sure that Mantle is good enough to adapt to different architectures, and if it isn’t, then it will be difficult to maintain different source codes for the many GPUs. Currently, it’s hard to say something conclusive. There are a few OpenGL extensions which can get similar results, and many games are cross developed between desktop and mobile, which makes the obvious choice to use OpenGL ES on mobile devices and OpenGL on desktop.

The Witcher 3 will be gracing PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2014, hopefully not too far ahead.

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  • Dakan45

    Erudito is an idiot, he says consoles are more optimized because on pc you have to upgrade every 3 years to play everything maxed out on 60 fps.

    What if i told you at this point every x360/ps3 game runs on barelly 30 fps wiht 1280x720p and UNDER the lowest pc settings.

    BF4 runs at better settings than x360/ps4 with a 2006 8800GT so much for console optimization bullcrap.

    Anyway this is another game on a “next gen” console that will not come anywhere near the pc version .

    Nothing new here, oblivion looked bette on pc when it came out than on the “next gen” x360.

    • HelterSkelter

      Closed platforms will always offer more optimization. It’s just logic. Calling optimization bullcrap goes against everything regarding console game development. It isn’t magical by any means but it’s an undeniable fact that optimization exists.

      • Dakan45

        Saying that consoles are more optimized becuase they run games at SHIT settings and using the argument “to max out everything with 60fps i need to upgrade every 3 years” is a bullcrap sonsole fantard argument.

        So yeah erudito is an idiotic troll

        Obviously if you have one type of hardware you dont have to worry about bugs and memory leaks, YET games run at 24 fps and there are massive fps drops even on consoles that are suposselly a closed system that is monitored closelly.

        Despite all that most consoletards think that the pc and console version run at the same settings with fps and resolution diffirencies. Which not only is not true but as i prove old hardware can run those games just as well.

        • HelterSkelter

          Not all console games are comparable to under the lowest setting on PC though. Most is comparable to medium. The thing with the whole 3 year upgrade cycle to max games at 60fps is kind of true. If we take a PC from 3 years ago which has a 480, you really think that system can max Crysis 3, BF4 etc 1080p 60fps? It won’t. Even a Titan and 690 just barely gets that 60fps mark in Crysis 3 1080p. How do you think it will fare in 3 years time? If you want that 60fps maxed out performance you will have to upgrade more often. If you just want to keep up with and slightly beat consoles however, you don’t need to upgrade so often. Maybe if you lower resolution to 900p and 720p, then it might be possible to max out games at 60fps for 3 years.

          True optimization is mostly seen with exclusives. Games like God Of War Ascension and Last Of Us looks amazing for a console game.

          I think with the next-gen consoles, it can be two sides of a coin. Either, because of X86, even third party games are going to look amazing in the future because of optimization or they are already hitting the limit now because they know how to work with the architecture.

          • Dakan45

            No some unimpressive ones mainly hack and slash or mass effect 3 or are aroung high settings,

            The fact that someone cliams that cosnoles are more optimized at 1280x720p barelly 30 fps and CRAP graphics when you need to upgrade 3 years to max out everything with 60 fps, is just a riddiculus argument.

            True abuot crysis 3 but a 480 can almost run bf4 on max settings without 60 fps though.

            Still comparing ps2 graphics with ps3 graphics…thats what essentially he is doing he claims console are more optimized when in reallity he demends super duper graphics from pc. How about using an old pc and play on consoel equivilant settings? Nope? Then pretentious fanboy much.

            The last of us looks like crap. Like running current games on low, killzone 3 and uncharted 3 had better graphics.

            I had it with those idiots, games will run better on pc now thanks to mantle and architecture.

            • tbss

              The Witcher 2 on 360 was like pc on medium and just to run it on pc you needed a much more powerful card 3870 or 8800. The witcher 3 on ps4 will be like pc on max just locked at 30 fps.

              • Dakan45

                The wticher 2 on 360 was not like medium, they remade the engine, changing lighting to have fake shadows and every texture was blurry.

                All games outhere have inferior graphics on ps4 than the pc version. Witcher 3 devs confirmed that console versions wont run on max settings and they will use everything the consoles have. So no, it wont be max.

                • tbss

                  Keep thinking that they already confirmed that no visual compromises will be made. Also metro last light developers said a console can do at least 2x what a similar spec pc can so there suck sum nigger tits.

                  • Dakan45

                    lol the console version will always have visual compromises thats the point.

                    Metro isnt exactly optimized and the one who said that was carmack who also said that ps3 and x360 are not maxed out and xbone and ps4 are the same.

                    Get your facts straight kid.

                    • tbss

                      PS4 1080P same as PC on max settings at 1080P.

                    • Dakan45

                      no its gonna have inferior settings you pathetic troll the developers said it themself the pc version will look the best and they gonna use everything the next gen consoles have.

                    • tbss

                      Someone can’t read.

                      We want to make the game and the whole engine run on everything, with ALL the features and bells and whistles, and then just optimise, optimise, optimise.

                      There you go ALL the features, bells, and whistles. Yep no point getting it for pc if your 1080P. Maybe if your gaming at 2560×1400 but I’ll get it for PS4 and have money to spare.

                    • Dakan45
                    • tbss

                      Fake twitter account. Nice try it even says in the article you linked. Lame. Next you’ll be trying to claim most women are bisexual.

                    • Dakan45



                      “i you play on consoles you will have a great experiance but the maxed out version will be on pc”

                      Shut the fuck up now?

                    • tbss

                      No peasant.

                    • Dakan45

                      you got pwned little bitch, go back to your crappy consoles

                      Have you heard 150$ 750 TI runs bf4 better than ps4


                      pwned bitch.

  • Guest

    Any developer with a brain is skeptical of Mantle as AMD’s claims are complete BS. Same performance can be attained with the extensions on OGL and in some ways with DX too if MS allows it and starts adding these runtimes.


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