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Liege port for WiiU approved

With 4 days to go in Kickstarter, TRPG Liege gets its approval for port to the Nintendo WiiU. Now all it has to do is get funding as an additional stretch goal. Earlier in the campaign, the title received approval for its port to PS4, PS Vita, [...] Read more
Francisco H. Salanga III |  24 July, 2013

Interview with John Rhee, creator of Liege

Liege is a tactical RPG being developed by a one-man powerhouse, John Rhee. A little more than two weeks after he put the project on Kickstarter, the campaign has not only blew past its initial goal, but also reached its first stretch goal with [...] Read more
Francisco H. Salanga III |  10 July, 2013

Tactical RPG Liege gets mounts, more character details, and the powerful mage class

At the time of this posting, tactical RPG Liege has reached its first stretch goal — the game will be getting mounts. Come next year, players will be able to ride through the kingdom and rain steel from the saddle.   Additionally, [...] Read more
Francisco H. Salanga III |  9 July, 2013

Tactical RPG Liege: House Rykhart revealed

Coda Games’ latest reveal for forthcoming TRPG Liege focuses on the playable cast. Sounding like a roll call out of HBO series Game of Thrones, the swordsman of House Rykahrt get the spotlight with character descriptions and some scripted [...] Read more
Francisco H. Salanga III |  8 July, 2013

Liege stretch goals focus on gameplay, new reward tier

Coda Games developer John Rhee promised stretch goals shortly after his tactical RPG Liege blew past its funding goal on Kickstarter. And oh, what goals they are. Rather than focusing on more platforms as Kickstarter game projects often do, he [...] Read more
Francisco H. Salanga III |  5 July, 2013


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