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Review policy

On this “Review Policy” page, we’ll try to shed some light on the process that is the creation, editing and publication of a review on WORLDS FACTORY. First of all, we will NEVER accept any bribes. While we do receive material for the reviews of certain products from the publishers/developers/manufacturers (like most, if not all of the press), in no way this will influence the resulting review. Moreover, we will NOT accept conditions that compromise objectivity  (such as, “Review can’t be lower than XX”) from the publisher/developer/manufacturer in order to receive said material; we have never even received such propositions but, if this ever occurred, we’d turn down the offer and review the product on our terms, buying it ourselves.

With that out of the way, we can proceed.


Exhaustive and appropriate analysis

We require that our editors try products extensively. This often means that we’re not quite the first press outlet publishing the review, however despite the possible hits gain from rushing the article out we’d rather be honest and offer a better service to our readers by delaying the review until it is ready. Also, we always try to match our products with the editors that have the most knowledge and expertise to prepare that specific review.


Rating System and how it works

We chose a 100-points system in order to provide us with the greatest amount of leeway when nailing down the score. Please note that while we make an effort to adhere to a common set of criteria, ultimately each editor is independent from each other. For time constraints, it is likely that only the editor who received the review assignment is able to complete the analysis at first, and often most of the staff won’t get to try the product until much later, if ever. As such, it is impossible for us to collectively gauge the score given by the reviewing editor.

This is why it is meaningless to compare different scores given to different products by different reviewers. Getting into such debates is a waste of your time as well as ours. Also, remember that ultimately each opinion, even an informed one like those we try to produce, is just one of the assets that you should consider in the larger scope of the product evaluation. You can always provide your own insight and score (if you’re a registered user) to each product.

However, we are always open to the possibility of issuing multiple reviews of a product, written by different reviewers. This can happen with inputs from each direction: sometimes a staff member who tried the product asks for it (it already happened); other times it may be requested by the readers, or by the publisher/developer/manufacturer. Please note that whenever this happens, it doesn’t mean that our original review is devalued; rather, in these cases we try to offer a different perspective.


If you have any additional doubts or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@worldsfactory.net 

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