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Rules of Conduct

Worlds Factory requires our users to follow few, but important rules. Behavior not fitting with these rules will have to be reported to the Moderators through the “Report reply” button on the forums, or through channels like email (the address is info@worldsfactory.net ). We ask your cooperation to make this place the best it can possibly be.

The community’s goal is that of discussing the topics proposed by our staff (in the articles) or those coming from the community in the forums, maintaining in all cases a respectful stance towards everyone. The Staff cannot be liable for any of the user submitted content, since they are not subject to approval before publication) and may decide to suspend users who violate one or more rules.

Every registered member must use only one account and is considered liable for his/her account use.

It is forbidden:

  • to insult other community members. We are a grouo pf people who share one or more interests and it’s always useful to remember that, behind the avatars, there’s always a human person. Respect is mandatory towards everyone.
  • to submit images, movies or links with potentially slanderous or discriminatory content, of any kind: pornography, religion, sexism, racism. The community is formed by a varied group of people whose sensitivity might be harmed by such content. As such, we ask our members caution and wisdom.
  • to discuss of politics/religion in any form and way. This is a network dedicated to Home Entertainment and the goal of the media we cover is that of escapism and entertainment. Such discussions are thorny and may easily start flames, causing useless conflics; let’s leave these debates to specialized communities, where they are allowed.
  • each and any form of spamming (not only public messages, but also private).
  • to use any form of advertising (shops or trade), direct or not: to acquire advertising spaces on Worlds Factory, contact us at advertising@worldsfactory.net 
  • to open new topics that are not relevant to the specific forum; in these cases, the topics will be removed.
  • to publish entire articles from other sites.
  • to publish, without permission of the involved user(s), any private message sent through the network.


The moderator role is necessary in order to help users respecting the rules, so that debates can be kept constructive whilst assuring mutual respect. They can close any topic or delete any argument that can be harmful for people and/or the network. Of course, they are always subject to Admin control.

To require explanations, contact them or the administrators in private – never write about it in public.


Violating one or more rules may lead to the complete ban of the user account, according to irrevocable judgement of the Administrators.

Any type of anomaly can be reported to info@worldsfactory.net

Worlds Factory Staff


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