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Welcome to Worlds Factory, our haven where we humbly present you our opinions and analysis on the many fictional worlds that every day captivate the imagination of millions of people. Of course, our community is highly interactive and you’re able to comment on the articles, write your own opinion on the forums and even submit your review on a certain product!


Why WF?

The idea developed on its own. Books (including comics and manga), movies and TV series, videogames and the likes share a common denominator: in all cases, they shift us in fictional worlds that might or might not be possible. They might be unconventional; they might be original, but more importantly they are different from the daily routine that too often tries to choke our personality and identity in so many ways.

In these worlds, the fictional characters involved  (those that we have a tendency to identify with, conscious or not)  may live, thanks to the Master Crafters, not only fantastic adventures pushing the boundaries of imagination but also and more importantly, they are able to overcome injustice and adversities, things that each one of us might experience every day. These stories, then, acquire a social purpose as well and this is exactly why their success cannot be surprising to the keen observer.


And even if novels and movies have been analyzed since quite some time, the same cannot be said about videogames, the only media capable of giving the user the abilty to impact the ongoing events (and, not by coincidence, the media which is enjoying the biggest growth in the last few years).

Our mission is that of guiding you, our readers, towards a better understanding of the most important media in the Home Entertainment area; we will do so thanks to detailed yet accessible information, so that the great heritage formed by the creation, imagination and spread of fictional stories and worlds may be preserved and developed in our society.



We want to provide you a special looking glass not only on products, but also on the creative procedures behind them. Welcome to Worlds Factory.


Staff List


Founder, CEO & Editor in Chief

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

Gaming writer since ages, now Founder and Editor in Chief of Worlds Factory. Clan Leader/Guild Master of La Legione del Drago, clan/guild of heroes jumping from a virtual world to another for the most epic (?) adventures ever seen.


Co-founder & associate

FestanoBy Festano (0 Posts)

My first gift was a Commodore Vic20 and from that moment began my passion for the Games that lasts all day and I want to convey to you through this portal.


Senior Editors

Francesco RamazzottiBy Francesco Ramazzotti (155 Posts)

Born in Italy but traveled the world, the only constant thing in my life is my undying love for video games and geek culture.

Rosh KellyBy Rosh Kelly (66 Posts)

Just graduated from Northumbria University (in jolly old England) with a degree in Media and Journalism. He's always been a avid gamer, from the SNES and the N64 of his youth all the way up PS4 he's got hooked up in his bedroom. Besides always playing games, Rosh is always talking about them too, and is very excited for the chance to write here, mainly because his friends have stopped listening.

Amanda RussellBy Amanda Russell (78 Posts)

Amanda is a caffeine-oriented, game and cat enthusiast. Anything that has to do with RPGs or food, she will have something to say about. She asks you to pardon the severity of her lameness, but then again not really.


Newser Extraordinaire

Marco BoschiniBy Marco Boschini (596 Posts)

Horror maniac and sci-fi geek, my dream is to become someday a Borg. Resistance is futile. Meanwhile, i am writing about my passions: cinema and videogames.



Antonio PattiBy Antonio Patti (34 Posts)

I've been gaming since I was five years old. My passion just kept growing until I've decided to write about it, on my blog and on several websites. I also love playing football and reading fantasy books; my dream is that of writing one.

Dave AubreyBy Dave Aubrey (120 Posts)

Nintendo Warrior. Fan of pretty much all game genres.

JD BrewerBy JD Brewer (18 Posts)

If I can play it, read it, or watch it - I'm probably interested. Ask me about my Steam game collection and my book library.

Francesco GranittoBy Francesco Granitto (18 Posts)

Freelance editor, ex-engineering student, wannabe writer and long time videogamer. I love to play with words and write about videogames!

MihaelBy Mihael (142 Posts)

Play 4 Fun, Play 2 Win!

Mostafa HossamBy Mostafa Hossam (31 Posts)

This guy's name is Mostafa Hossam and he strives to be the best in video game journalism. He is a die-hard fan for Assassin's Creed, ice-cream and pizza! Mostafa brings the latest news within seconds of its announcement and soon will be streaming live everyday from his PS4.

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