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Guardians of the Galaxy

In Guardians of the Galaxy un gruppo di eroi, personaggi della Marvel Comics, protegge la galassia dai pericoli operando nel XXXI secolo. Read more



Sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan that is inspired by the work of the physicist Kip Thorne and will talk about a group of scientists that will travel in time and in space, visiting alternative dimensions. Read more



American remake written by Jane Goldman, produced and performed by Robert Downey Jr. and directed by Ben Stiller. The movie hasn't got a release date and it will focus on the character of Geppetto. Read more


Jurassic Park 4

Fourth chapter of the sci-fi saga written by Michael Crichton and brought on the screen by Steven Spielberg, director of the first and the second movie and executive producer of the entire saga. The plot is still misterious and also is the Read more



Personal dream of Martin Scorsese, who must wait fifteen years to make it. Setted on the seventeenth century, the movie talks about the fact of a group of missionaries sended in Japan to investigate on alleged torture the the Emperor Read more


Dr. Strange

Steven Strange is a very good surgeon, that has got a car crash who prevents to continue his job. Hopeless, Strange will search a solution, finding the magic. He will learn the magical arts and will use that to protect the world from evil. Read more



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