Rise of the Incarnates ‘Not Pay to Win’

In a presentation of Bandai Namco’s new fighter hybrid IP Rise of the Incarnates, General Manager Ryuichiro Baba confirmed the game would not be play to win.

Being a free-to-play model there has been some suspicion on how Rise of the Incarnates plans to monetise its release, with many other free-to-play games offering unbalanced power ups to those willing to pay. However Rise of the Incarnates has promised not to install such a sulystem within their game.

Instead Rise will offer character customisation options, including new outfits, in exchange for money.

This statement comes along side the announcement of a new character: US President Sanders.

However Baba could not confirm that any new characters added to the game after launch would be free. Although producer of Rise, Michael Murray, did promise that any and every paid for character would be balanced with every free one.

Rise is currently in beta testing and is set to be released on Steam this year.

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