The Evil Within Has Unkillable Enemies

Like any good Horror game, the atmosphere of The Evil Within comes not from the enemies, but from the environment. Catastrophic hallways, creeping shadows and disembodied laughter; these are the things that make us nervous, and they are used extremely well in The Evil Within.

But when it does come time to face an unholy creature in combat, The Evil Within advocates running away. Firstly, most enemies will linger even after a few carefully placed bullets, and will require the player to put fire to the body which uses up precious matches.

Other enemies however are immune to your feeble attempts at defending yourself. Some enemies, such as the ‘Scary Coat Man’ as I dubbed him in my terrified brain, will pursue you relentlessly, no matter what you try to do to stop them.

Luckily, if you can call it that, after a while, they will return to the nightmares they came from and leave you with the slightly more killable standard foes. But they can come at any time, with only a moment’s notice before they’re on your heels.

The above mentioned Scary Coat Man appears are randomly separated intervals meaning that he’ll never appear at the same time, or the same place. This makes it even scarier as you won’t be able to learn any pattern or escape route that can promise safety.

Playing through the demo at Gamescom I was left with no choice but constantly be aware of my surroundings, always knowing every possible direction I could run in, something that eerily persisted long after the demo was over. Forcing the player the run and hide rather than fight truly reminds the player that The Evil Within is a ‘survival horror’ title.

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