The Evil Within Has Harder Puzzles On Harder Difficulty

The ‘Survival Horror’ genre has often had puzzles. Most involve some form of unpleasant death or something equally horrible. From the first Residents Evil silver key incident to telekinetic challenges of Dead Space, one can always expect some deadly brain teaser or another.

In The Evil Within however, the challenges get harder with the difficulty settings. On top of less ammo and supplies and more ferocious monsters, puzzles too become less easy to solve.

In my hands-on demo at Gamescom, I was left to search an abandoned and rather spooky mansion. To reach the exit, I first had to open a safe. Being slightly hyper on Red Bull and Fanta I had opted for the ‘survival’ difficulty setting, as I wanted a truly scary experience, but coming across the safe I discovered it lacked the combination knobs, and in place of a code I was left with a riddle.

Having found the knobs I had to make a separate excursion in order to best the riddle, which was something about the victims of a lower world being watched by the voyeurs of a higher one, for spoilers sake I won’t say anymore. Had I however, been of a more rational mind and picked the easier difficulty, there would be no riddle. Instead the puzzle would solely be discovering the knobs.

The Evil Within promises to challenge more than just your inventory management the harder you play and it’s a clever, if somewhat cruel idea, forcing players to literally walk the fine line between bravery and stupidity.

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