Xbox Live + EA Access Gives You Almost $700 Of Value

Someone on Reddit has busy, and has apparently worked out the relative value of both Xbox Live and EA’s newly announced ‘EA Access’.

In case you missed it, EA Access is a new service being offered to Xbox One customers that gives them use of the EA vault, a collection of EA titles as long as the subscription remains. EA Access also allows the user to ‘try before they buy’ the latest EA titles as well early access and exclusive discount. This entire package comes in at $29.99.

There has been some controversy following the announcement of EA Access, as some critics have claimed that it poor value for money. However, Hidesquadron, the Reddit user who’s crunched the numbers believes that this may be inaccurate.

After doing the maths, Hidesquardon believes that EA Access value to the customer could reach $192, while Xbox Live has a perceived value of $480. Hidesquadron even suggests that it would be favourable if other publishers were to join suit.

Collectively that is a impressive value of nearly $700, which isn’t bad for a for a total cost of $90. He does however concede that the value for money is only as good if the customer uses it to the full potential, and value person to person will vary depending how much they take advantage of offers available.

Here’s the way Hidesquadron breaks down the services cost and value, and check here for the full piece.



  • XBL Gold 1-year: $59.99 (ONCE AGAIN: This is MSFT’s suggested price. You can find it cheaper, but I’m evaluating at this price since its what they want you to pay.)
  • EA Access 1-year: $29.99

Total Cost: $89.98 before taxes (lets just round to 90 bucks)




Xbox Live Gold:

  • 48 Free Games per year (24 for X360, 24 for XB1), with possibilities of additional freebies periodically. (note: 48 may not be entirely accurate, as the 2 game per month trend on XB1 isn’t set in stone as far as I can tell. Let’s run with this assumption anyway.)
  • Access to Online Multiplayer
  • Exclusive Discounts with Deals with Gold (percentages vary)
  • Parties and Party Chat
  • Smart Match
  • Home Gold
  • Game DVR Cloud Storage
  • Upload Studio
  • Xbox Fitness

Perceived Value: Varies based on retail price of free games and services at time of availability. Let’s assume that every game given out free averages to around $10.00 if purchased individually via the XBL Digital Market (seems about right looking at recent freebies). $10.00 x 48 = $480.00


EA Access:

Access to “Vault” Games For free as long as subscription is current. (prices listed reflect current XBL digital marketplace prices)

  • Battlefield 4: $59.99
  • Madden 25: $59.99
  • Fifa 14: $59.99
  • Peggle 2: $11.99

Additional benefits:

  • 10% Discount to new games and DLC via digital download
  • Early Access to EA Releases by 1 Week
  • Try-it Before you Buy-It Service for EA Releases
  • Additional perks as ecosystem evolves

Perceived Value: Based purely on Vault games due to listed price being constant, and assuming all four games are utilized by the subscriber: ($60 x 3) + $12 = $192.00


Totals, provided the subscriber utilizes all features/freebies:


Overall Price: $90

Overall Value $192.00 + 480.00 = $672.00

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