Sniper Elite 3 – Interview With Rebellion

As promised a couple of days ago, here’s our full interview with Rebellion, mostly focused on Sniper Elite 3, the future of the series and developing on next generation hardware. Enjoy!


  • What would you say are the biggest improvements that players will find in Sniper Elite 3 when comparing it to the predecessor?

It’s the level of choice afforded by the size of the maps, and the huge overhaul of level design in general – and I think that’s something almost all our reviews have picked up on. Players are basically dropped into one large map for each mission, and then free to tackle objectives as they see fit – there’s no loading screens, cuts cenes or unnecessary handholding – just the player and a tools you need – and that includes a sniper rifle of course! To find all the objectives, sub objectives collectibles and challenges AND take out all the enemies can take hours just on one level!


  • Will there be any significant DLC for Sniper Elite 3? If so, is it going to be centered on multiplayer or perhaps even some new single player missions?

So we’ve just announced a new campaign which a small team has been working on since we submitted the game – it’s called Save Churchill and comes in three parts. It’s going to feel really different with new enemies, weapons and encounters – and one of the missions features the largest map we’ve ever created for the series.

We’ve got free multiplayer maps too – the first one is out on PC already and coming to consoles soon, and there are another three on the way. Of course as an independent studio you always ask “should we charge players for maps?” but we decided it was more important to keep the MP community together.


  • All games in the Sniper Elite series have so far been set during the World War II. Is this something you’re looking to change in the future, going to an alternate time period, perhaps even in the future? 

We haven’t decided yet where or if Sniper Elite will continue – but if it does it will be a huuuuge debate here in the studio – WW2 is a crucial part of the game’s atmosphere – and even the gameplay – there are no suppressed sniper rifles in World War 2 for example!


  • With the release of next generation consoles, many developers are taking the opportunity to conceive brand new IPs. After Sniper Elite 3’s release, can we expect something new from Rebellion as well? 

We’re subscribed to both MS and Sony’s indie programmes and the first fruit of that will be bringing the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army series from PCs to the new consoles. For those of you who don’t know it, they’re an sort of intense horror spin off – rifles are still the core experience here but your aim has to be good under pressure, and it’s designed for four players in co-op too. The X-ray kill cam on zombies is such a perfect fit! As for new IP, I can’t say anything right now. People should remember we’re famous for the amount of IP we own from 2000AD and other game series (some old and forgotten, some new) so it doesn’t have to be new IP to still be fresh!


  • In an earlier interview you mentioned that you were targeting 60 FPS for PS4 and Xbox One versions, although the latter version could have been “a little bit slower”. Now that the work on Sniper Elite 3 is done, what were you able to achieve? 

I’m not sure we ever claimed it would be locked, but we have achieved regular performance at 60FPS at native 1080p on both, so we’re pretty proud of that effort and our in house engine team should be praised with what they’ve pulled off when you think it outclasses some multi-platform games from much larger studios. Players experience maybe a little more screen tear on the Xbox One but both consoles can lock the frame rate at 30 to cut that out. Overall, for a game on five platforms we’re pretty happy.


  • Recently, Microsoft announced that they have unlocked about 10% of Xbox One’s GPU which was previously reserved for Kinect. Do you think this will be a significant improvement, helping XB1 get closer to PS4 in terms of power, or not? 

It’s a bit hard to tell right now – although there will of course be a little boost straight away – we should be supporting this in the future in Sniper Elite 3. In the end, just like last generation, it’s not just about the hardware – it’s about the tools, guidance and support you get from the platform holder that makes a huge difference, and I think it’s safe to say the distance is closing.


  • Thank you for your time.

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