You Are The Reason Demo Now Available On Windows

“You Are The Reason” a 2D RPG built with the RPG Maker has released a demo on Windows. The game has the player taking the role of a girl with magical abilities, in a world in which such abilities are a death sentence. She must embark on a quest to prove that magic can be used for good, while avoiding the murderous mob that seeks to kill her.

You Are The Reason features a host of unique features not seen in many other RPGs. For instance the combat system pushes the player toward non-violent ends as the central character doesn’t like the idea of killing other humans.

On top of that the central character is also transgender, a demographic rarely seen within video games. Although the fact that they are trans does not affect the story much, and is instead just a staple part of the character.

You Are The Reason is being created by a single person, Laura Kate Dale, a games critic herself who began work on You Are The Reason “as an experiment”.

“[It was] a challenge to see if creating a game for myself would change my perspective as a critic and have a positive effect on my writing. I can tell you that I have certainly learnt a lot from the process.”

You Are The Reason also features an array of voice actors, including Escapist Reviewers Editor Jim Sterling, known for his cutting videos on the games industry.


You can find the demo, and more on the game here.

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