TLOU Remastered Gets Screenshot Tool

A lot of information is coming out today for TLOU Remastered via an official presentation by Naughty Dog. Many slides have been leaked earlier detailing the graphics improvements (which include longer draw distance and better LOD, 4X texture maps and 2X shadow maps details, particle effects in higher resolution and of course 1080P/60FPS in both single and multiplayer modes), and now an extra slide has been leaked with the contents of the Day One patch: TLOU Remastered will get a screenshot tool, much like Infamous: Second Son, along with a behind the scenes video documentary on the Grounded difficulty.


Fans got crazy with the screenshot tool in Infamous: Second Son, and with the amazing vistas available in The Last of Us, we’re sure that they will like this addition by Naughty Dog.

Have you preordered the game already? Let us know below! In the meantime, The Last of Us sold more than 7 millions of units on PlayStation 3…

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