The Last of Us Screenshot Comparison

Sony finally released four 1080p screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered and many might ask themselves how much of an improvement really is there, after the boasts shouted via Twitter by Naughty Dog developers.

Comparing the two screenshots, taken from the very same gameplay scene, it’s obvious that the graphics improvement is just massive and could be considered almost a generational leap.


You can click on the pictures below to have them shown in their full resolution, in order to get a more precise look at the startling difference in clarity and sharpness.



In the PlayStation 4 version, the image quality is really amazing, with almost no visible jaggies. You may also be happy to hear that Naughty Dog will release a screenshoot tool, likely similar to that in Infamous: Second Son, along with the Day One patch.

The Last of Us Remastered will launch on 29th July for $/€ 49.99; if you don’t have the console yet, you may even consider buying the PS4 bundle (currently only confirmed for Europe).

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  • Not_true

    How about using the full sized PS4 screenshot?

    • Mihael

      Hello, full sized screenshots of both PS3 and PS4 were used, but they had to be downsized due to their size (1920×1080) because of which they didn’t fit.

      We forgot to allow enlarging the picture by clicking on it. However, it has been fixed and you can enjoy both of them in their respective resolutions.

  • Jason Mounce

    Why does the PS3 screenshot honestly look like a steaming pile of sh*t. I beat the game twice on it and I don’t remember it looking THAT bad rofl. PS4 version though looks pretty damn spectacular. I’d wanna see gameplay of it at 60FPS.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t look that much better. Hilarious!

    • Egla

      Get your eyes checked man. PS3 is a blurry mess, just look at the sign and the building in the background.

    • Guest

      I was just lying, it looks way better.

  • Joey Griffin

    The PS3 Version looked amazing when I played it, that screenshot just doesn’t add up, it looks shit. Hmmm, I still want to get it for the PS4 for 60FPS and better graphics and what not :-) I will get it pre owned though, not paying full price for the same game. (Best game I’ve ever played though)


    Sonys brainwash in action…

    • Not_true

      There is nothing misleading about those screenshots. You are a cult leader spreading complete lies, tech ignorance, insane conspiracy theories, and fanboy hatred.


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