The Evil Within:No DLC Planned, Almost Finished

Shinji Mikami, a horror genre veteran who stands behind Resident Evil franchise and The Shadows of the Damned, is currently working on his newest survival horror title, The Evil Within.


He confirmed in an interview with AusGamers that the game is almost finished and they are basically polishing and fixing bugs.


He wasn’t very talkative about the future of The Evil Within as a possible franchise and he rather insisted he’s focused on finishing the game first.

This means any form of DLC is not in planning yet, but I doubt Shinji Mikami won’t treat us with a piece of DLC in the future that could expand on the universe of The Evil Within.

I’m still focusing on the first story, so I don’t know what’s going to happen yet, to be honest.


Given his long history of involvement with gaming and different projects, there was a question whether any recent title served as some form of inspiration? He confirmed The Evil Within is unique in Shinji’s manner and his trademark gameplay. However, Batman: Arkham Knight did catch his attention at this year’s E3.


Also, he explained the concept of safe rooms and what you can do there:

There won’t be a central hub, but there are many options that you can choose in terms of the playstyle. So you can enjoy playing through many times, by changing your playstyle and having a different experience.
There’s not really a hub, but the save rooms… sometimes you can go to that save room and it’s the only place you can feel safe. But there was no save room in the demo.

He confirmed players will be able to access various upgrades such as longer sprint duration or carrying more clips of ammo.

When it came to the engine they’re using, id Tech 5, he was scarce with his words and only hinted that next-gen transition and working with a new engine gave him a lot of headaches.


Be sure to follow us for more on The Evil Within, as the release draws closer.


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