Murray: We Won’t Have Any Quests

Even ten days after the latest trailer shown at Sony‘s E3 2014 Press Conference, No Man’s Sky is still being praised left and right, while more interviews are published by the press. This time it’s Kotaku’s turn, which posted a long and interesting chat with Hello Games‘ Managing Director Sean Murray; he tried to explain why the studio decided to embark on such a difficult task, stating that he’d rather try to realize a big project and fail rather than continue making small games such as Joe Danger forever.

Why we’re doing it is because it’s interesting to us. My attitude has been, ‘Let’s just do something crazy and go bankrupt doing it.’ That’s what I’ve always said. But I don’t wanna just make games at the same scale as Joe Danger and still be doing that in 10 years. I just want to try one big thing. So that was the attitude and that was really freeing. As a genuine thing, not like we went into it like, ‘Sure! We’ll try this and this with the mindset of and it will probably go horribly wrong but we’ll go out with a bang,’ which we still might.

Such ambition and open ended approach to making games cannot be praised enough, truth to be told, especially when compared to the rest of the games industry which is sadly allergic to any form of risks. In fact, No Man’s Sky seems to defy so much of the usual concepts found in contemporary games that it has been somewhat hard for Murray to describe the game in details, and apparently he didn’t even think of a specific genre that might fit; one thing is certain though, there won’t be any quests.

People are just so used to that type of game that it becomes hard for them to go back to something that’s a bit more free. For us, perhaps we’re the generation who grew up with Mario and so we understand levels and missions and quests. So a lot of the questions we get from journalists are about that. How does the mission structure work? How does your rank work? That kind of thing.

The main people that I talk to who are fans are often the generation that’s grown up withMinecraft and they don’t have those preconceptions. They don’t ask any of those questions. They actually assume that it’s just all gonna be there and have that freedom. It seems really outdated, almost, to get that question. How many levels? Or, how do quests work? Well, we won’t have any quests.

There’s not even a hint of a release date yet, but stay tuned – we’ll keep you posted on anything new about this extremely impressive title.

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