Battlecry Might Come To Next Gen

Shortly before E3 2014 began, Zenimax Media announced that Battlecry Studios has been working on a Free-To-Play multiplayer action combat game titled just like its studio – Battlecry. It’s set in an alternate vision of history where gun powder gets banned after a catastrophic World War in the early 20th Century; all conflicts get settled by fights into dedicated arenas.

The game is powered by CryEngine, but you probably wouldn’t notice it at a glance since Viktor Antonov applied his trademark visual style to Battlecry; if you have played Half Life 2 or Dishonored, it’ll be easy to recognize his work. Two factions have been revealed so far, Royal Marines and Cossacks, and the maximum player count in the online matches is set at 32.


A beta version is currently scheduled for early 2015 on PC, which is obviously the first target platform for Battlecry, but as Executive Producer Rich Vogel (who previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic) teased during an interview on Gamespot’s E3 stream, there are strong chances to see the game on PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One eventually.

We’ll be releasing PC first, but we have controllers on the showfloor. It’s all set up for consoles, it’s something that we’re seriously going to be looking at after the PC launch. This game cries to be on console, because we got all of our inspiration from console games [God of War, Devil May Cry]. A lot of our team has experience doing consoles, don’t be surprised to see it there.

We definitely see this game playing well on consoles.

We’ve embedded a gameplay video below, so you can take a look at Battlecry in motion. What do you think?

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