Finishing TW3 In 100 Hours Is A Speedrun

The Witcher 3 is considered by many as one of the first true next generation games, due to its massive scope and sheer beauty and complexity. Speaking with GAME in a video interview at E3, CD Projekt‘s Senior Level Designer Peter Gelencser mentioned that the enormous amount of content is perhaps the single most exciting thing about the game, adding that whomever is able to finish it in 100 hours has done a “speedrun”.

The massive size of the open world, really. I’ve been there, I’m building it, and…it’s good. It’s a lot of content really, we advertised the game to have 100+ hours of gameplay, whomever finishes the game in 100 hours will get a medal because it’s gonna be a speedrun, there’s a lot of content!

Some more information came out of a Polygamia interview. It looks like the game is divided into areas with different difficulty, similarly to Gothic, but every area will have its own powerful monsters guarding powerful loot; defeating them will be more of a challenge, but also provide more experience points of course.

Furthermore, there are multiple phases to monster hunting. First there’s the information gathering, which can happen either through experience (having fought monsters within the same family before), through reading books or through investigation. The more Geralt learns, the better chance you’ll stand against the monster itself – also, it seems like it will be possible to bargain for rewards with the quest givers!


At this point, The Witcher 3 is mostly finished. The developers said that from now on, they will focus on debugging, fixing cutscenes, bugs and general Quality Assurance; this might sound fairly trivial but it’s not, as that extra polish can be the hallmark of a true masterpiece. The Witcher 1 & 2 suffered from some issues during their early releases, and in fact both got Enhanced Editions later; if The Witcher 3 could be truly refined for February 2015, then the lofty hype might be met after all.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    100 hours is a speed run? That is a lot of missions or things to do. I have over 120 hours in Kingdom of Amular: Reckoning and still have 25% of the story missions to go. Good story and a lot of game makes a good RPG baby!


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