Morin:Games Dumbed Down Because We Want To Make Money

In a lengthy interview with EDGE, Ubisoft‘s Creative Director for Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin released a surprisingly frank statement on why many games are dumbed down nowadays.

I feel like games are dumbed down because we want to make money, and sometimes we underestimate what players can do. I hope Watch Dogs can show everyone that it’s possible to do online games without being intimidated by a lobby, that it’s possible to see another player without being scared it’s going to be a 12-year-old shouting a bunch of insults, and that it’s possible to make a game where you can test the systems and push at the edges without feeling like you’re working. I hope it can do all that, and if it could be a game that helps players have a bigger conversation about our relationship with technology, that would be awesome too.

We certainly don’t read similar things from mainstream developers often, but I’m sure many of you will agree with the sentiment. It’s nice that the Creative Director of a high profile studio working on AAA games recognizes this, and it brings some hope that the industry can slowly take note and address this issue over the coming years.

Morin also added that he would like Watch Dogs to attract more gamers towards systemic games.

I would love for Watch Dogs to open more players’ eyes to the idea of testing a game and expressing themselves within it, instead of following the ride. I don’t have anything against games that just ask you follow a predefined ride, but I would love for more players to develop a taste [for systemic games].

Personally, I love “sandbox” games as well, even though a “theme park” ride done great can still be extremely fun and engrossing. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • twinspectre

    i hope more devs and publishers begins to wake up and get rid of dumbing down games only for appealing the casual retarted audience

    • Piotr Dziubek

      True… but casual and retarded audience seems to make most money, look at CoD

      • twinspectre

        that’s sad , but is Not only Cod even BF is for Retarted and Casual gamers
        because the Older Battlefield (BF1942 till BF2142) was another game , ModernBF is more like a Michael Bay movies

        • Piotr Dziubek

          People got lazy, people dont want to learn, people want games to play themselves(check amount of cheaters in f2p productions), people buy same stuff over and over and since it sells devs do it, people dont want to acquite skills in order to play game(aim assists, smart pistols, shortened time to kill, auto targeting and more)…. its all fault of “so called gamers”

          • twinspectre

            yep , i play Blacklight retribution (PS4) i dont buy stuff with my real money , but i buy stuff with my experience point and i play the game with the Aimassist disabled and i see alot of casual gamers that act like they are a Pro with the damn Aim Assist and some stupid handholding BS

  • Hates bad writers.

    Old news, we’ve seen this plenty over the years. Bioware left Microsoft specifically to make more vapid games, almost every other developer under a big publisher does the same thing. Make a crappy game with minimal effort and content, make more money off of the witless idiots that comprise the majority of “gamers”.

    I find it odd that they waste insane amounts of money on advertisements just to lower the profit margin. They don’t mind screwing the game over but they’ll burn money just to sell the odd copy to some frat moron. Genius.

    • madbads

      idiots are there to make money on and world is full of ‘em, simple and devs and publishers know it. i am glad this one admitted it. thats why i will buy this game , but in some other alternate universe , i think only way to stop them doing this kind of BS is not to support it :) Too bad there are not as many real games like ones we used to get , only some indie here and there…

      • Hates bad writers.

        The industry itself is crashing, this attitude will be gone soon enough.

        • madbads

          yet more and more supporting it, not realizing what they are doing.

          How broken it is when the Last of Us for PS4 requires you to pre-order to be able to unlock some costumes after beating the game.Remember when that was actually free in and in the actual game??? And still idiots support that every day more and more it’s sick and im afraid it wont stop soon..

          • Hates bad writers.

            Less people are supporting it, the gaming industry is bleeding cash. They’ll be gone soon, we just have to wait a few more months. I imagine this winter is going to be a big surprise to people when the shit hits the fan.

            • madbads

              Well less are supporting it in a good way. But i say because pre-orders and shit bonuses.. Crap microtransactions and DLC scams , all of that needs to go away… But first and foremost games need to be games again. Someone in game industry clearly mistaken them for movies targeted at mentally disabled people.


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