Thuway: Sony Is Restructuring For “Efficiency”

According to insider Ahsan Rasheed, also known as Thuway, many of the internal studios at Sony in Europe – part of the larger Worldwide Studios – are being restructured for efficiency.

He then added that the London Studio has been long known mostly for Singstar and similar projects dedicated to casual gamers, which means that the layoffs are not that surprising.

Ultimately, he mentioned that these things happen regularly, and not just because Sony is being greedy about money, but rather they expect a high level of quality that not every team was able to give.

It’s always unfortunate when projects are cancelled, but without more information we have to believe that it was done in good faith, in order to move resources to more promising projects. Let’s hope that everyone who lost their job will be able to find a new one soon enough, though; there are many possibilities now, thanks to indie studios thriving, Kickstarter and the likes.

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  • Dakan45

    Lets see

    Despite strong ps4 sales sony rating is still junk

    They could be bunkrupt in 2 years.

    they lay off devs on multiple studios and shut down new ips.

    But hey thats just “restructiring”

    Sony damage control drones to the rescue!!!

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      it’s not damage control, nobody denies that Sony has been struggling, but “restructuring” is a normal thing if a company needs to get back into shape, they need to trim the fat to increase profits and get themselves out of this funk they’re in; of course you’re a fanboy though, so naturally you don’t really have an ability to reason, and I think it’s safe to say that you don’t want to either, that’s why you post links to things you don’t understand as well as videos made by fanboys to upset other fanboys.

      • Dakan45

        The sony fanboys do infact deny that sony is stuggling.

        I will refer you to the n4g comments who say stupid insiders without a clue make false claims.

        I am a fanboy? a fanboy of what?

        Go ahead call me a xbot as well, thats the sonytard logic, if you dont lick sony’s dick along with em then you are a xbot.

        Stupid retard.

        I would like to see what YOU understand, apparently you didnt even understand the fucking video which explains the sony pony logic perfectly, they damage control and live only to defend sony, they got no arguments nor any proof or have any idea what they are talking about and you say that i dont understand those things?

        Denial much? But hey thats sony fanboys, they do not attempt to reason or accept they fact they deny them and damage control as always, keep damage controling you stupid faggots.

        • Sobekflakmonkey

          I honestly couldn’t say what you’re a fanboy of, and I didn’t say what you were a fanboy of, I can however guess that you have some sort of disdain for Sony though, such a thing only comes from fanboys.

          Now you have to keep in mind, I’m in no way a “Sony Fanboy”, even though I like their products, I’m fully aware of when things go awry and I often try to explain to fanboys why said thing is kinda messed up, but they(Sony Fanboys) only give me responses similar to yours, which is that of a fanboy, so all in all you are no better, you’re just as ridiculous, and things you say sound just as stupid.

          On the note of me calling you out on not understanding what it is you were posting; I in no way, said that I fully understand, but I at least ATTEMPT to understand rather than ignoring things just to further my own agenda, and I do not take random information and try to spin it to sound bad or good, it’s this whole “reasoning” thing I mentioned before…

          • Dakan45

            “I honestly couldn’t say what you’re a fanboy of,

            thus you assumed i was a xbot.

            you are no better than them as you said yourself.

            “I can however guess that you have some sort of disdain for Sony though, such a thing only comes from fanboys.”

            Or maybe the sony fanboys are the worst community ever.





            and just like the video says they got nothing better to do that post lies and damage control like sony is actually paying them to damage control everything including if a piece of crap game like knack was infact a good game and critics are wrong.

            Sony fanboys are double standards hypocrites filled with nonsense.

            lets do one more:

            “only give me responses similar to yours, which is that of a fanboy,”

            when you dont evne know what kinda of a “fanboy” i am, yet you call me a fanboy followed by

            “I in no way, said that I fully understand, but I at least ATTEMPT to
            understand rather than ignoring things just to further my own agenda,”

            So you dont fully understand it Yet you lecture me?

            I posted this to get a reacton fron the following fanboys.

            you are flat out wrong
            charliesheen butthurt idiot CHECK
            Xtremedrp CHECK

            Got 2 of them and i postd facts, they made no attempt to refute those facts when they basicly post nonsense without bothering to prove their points, thought id show them how is it like

            • Sobekflakmonkey

              I never “assumed” you were an “xbot”, once again, you proved my point, ignoring things and spinning things just to further your agenda, also I could link to forum posts and such with fanboys of all types and it really doesn’t mean anything but the fact that fanboys do exist..and they’re all just as bad imo.

              Regardless of what I know about the subject of Sonys financial situation and what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, I never tried to lecture you on what any of those things mean, read my prior comments again please; on the subject of the second video you linked to, and everything he said, yeah, that’s all true, I never even tried to deny it, but all fanboys do the exact same thing, doesn’t matter what fanboys or what platform, they’re all the same, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC fanboys all say the same things constantly, they all deny things constantly.

              Take a look at Microsoft/Xbox fanboys, they think that hardware that is inferior can somehow match or be better than hardware thats approximately 50 percent better than the X1, that’s simply not true, no amount of software will change that, because you can’t change the hardware with software, it’s very similar to how Sony fanboys claim the things you have mentioned, and Nintendo fanboys do the same thing as Xbox fanboys claiming that the WiiU will be able to outperform the X1 and PS4, which it just physically cannot do.

              Now, PC “Elitists” will claim that PC’s are way more powerful than consoles, and that’s absolutely true, and they use things like “Crysis 3 maxed out…” and such to prove their point, but the cost of a PC that can run games like that is very high, and when you bring the price into question they immediately say “oh but you can build a PC for $500-$600!” when anybody with PC experience will tell you that a $500-$600 PC just simply wont cut it if you’re planning to max out games like Crysis, BF4, Metro: Last Light and such, you’ll be lucky to run those games at medium to low settings and 1080p and 60fps, that’s the hard truth, and I know this because I own a $1700 PC that I built myself and it struggles with games like Metro:Last Light and Crysis 3.

              Basically all I’m saying is, fanboys are all the same, and you’re just as bad, you spout things that are just as ridiculous as the rest of ’em…

              • Dakan45

                You called me a xbox fanboy up there, you proved my point again.

                ” they think that hardware that is inferior can somehow match or be
                better than hardware thats approximately 50 percent better than the X1″

                Ps2 was the weakest console it won, so i dissagree a good amount of software will bost the sales of any console, as it happened with the wiu lately.

                “, you’ll be lucky to run those games at medium to low settings”





                Again you are wrong.

                • Sobekflakmonkey

                  I still never called you a xbox fanboy, I just said you were a “fanboy” of which I do not know.

                  I never mentioned sales, once again you failed to read my comments, you are completely ignoring everything I’ve said.

                  Also, go look at those videos, read the descriptions, then come back and read what I said…

                  The Tomb Raider video you posted, running at 1366×768 on Ultra (it’s not actually being played maxed out btw) with 20-40 and drops to 12 fps, so, bump that up to 1920×1080 turn everything up to Ultra as well as max out the AA as well as everything else that doesn’t have an “Ultra” setting and this game would be running at maybe 5-10fps on this “300 Dollar PC”.

                  The Second video you posted btw might be the silliest thing I’ve ever watched, not to mention has nothing to do with comparing against a PS4 and optimizing for consoles is an actual thing, and the reason you don’t see it happen with PC’s is because you can’t optimize for thousands upon thousands of different PC setups.

                  On to the third video, the person who uploaded that is running the game at probably around 30 on avg fps, and settings on high, if he dropped the settings down to medium or low like I said he’d hit that solid 1080p 60fps, oh also, when he goes to settings AA seems to be turned off, and he probably did that knowing that things like AA eat up memory and slow down a PC.

                  Yeah, you’re not proving anything and neither did any of those videos…..just because you show me random videos on the internet it actually doesn’t mean anything, once again I have a gaming PC, you can look me up on steam if you want, I know the ins and outs and how everything works…just give it a rest man, will yuh?

                  • Dakan45

                    Where did i said that it will run maxed out on a 300 pc? it can be maxed out on a 450 pc though.

                    Sorry if you think its silly but its definitive prove that pcs are not expensive and next console games are weak.

                    Consoles are NOT running games maxed out 1080p 60 fps, try high settings at 30 fps or less.

                    Are you a complete retard? Do you really think that games on consoles run as well as on a pc? Do you really think that dipshit?

                    Ofcourse not, now stop being a dumbass and reallize the truth console optimization is a LIE.

                    “you’ll be lucky to run those games at medium to low settings”


                    Well as i shown you a 300 pc runs tomb raider on high.

                    THERE YOU GO.

                    I proved you wrong dipshit, and i do KNOW how everythign works, now how about you stop being and asswipe douchebag and admit that you are wrong?

                    My god the self importance and denial on the internet, just admit you are wrong you fucking dipshit.

                    Seriously give it a rest you stupid faggot.

                    • oo7PorscheMGS

                      Do something better with your
                      life than hate on a piece of
            ’re disgustingly pathetic and need to get mental help….

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Do something better with your
          life than hate on a piece of
’re disgustingly pathetic and need to get mental help..

    • Xtreme Derp

      Mentally ill, dumb as a brick Microsoft fanboy.

      • Dakan45

        Only i am a pc gamer, but hey its like the dude who made the video if you dont lick sony’s dick with the sony ponies then you are a xbot.

        Sony retard logic!!

    • sonyntendo

      Dude, that is just lame. Really. Be more creative & interesting, wiill ya?

      • Dakan45

        More creative than what you came up anyway.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      So Dakan you’re still an a$$hole crying like a little b!tch about everything apparently. Is this all you do, talk sh!t about Sony while gargling Microsoft balls, you really need to get a life kid, maybe go outside and get some fresh air once in a while douche bag.

      • Dakan45

        yo mad? I posted this so the usual sony ponies will come here and bitch and whine. It seems its you who needs to get a life.

        Lol microsoft balls i am a pc gamer you dumbass

  • stealth20k

    Sorry but I really feel like the big three are really suffering.

    They are restructuring because projects were not working, and they were losing money. That is normal but it also isnt roses.

    • Dakan45

      Nintedo has enough money to do whatever the hell they want, but ofcourse to the sony fanboys they appear as dead, sorry nitendo has craploads of money sony does not.

      Ms is 3.5 times bigger than sony, if xbox fails, they are not gonna give a damn.

      its sony who has huge finacial debts and lays off developers.

      Seriously laying off santa monica devs? shutting down sony vaio?

      Thats proof right there they are in trouble but leave it to the sony ponies like you to deny it.

      Kepp denying it faggot it doesnt make the problem go away.

  • Dennis Crosby

    I’m going to be honest here if this was Microsoft or Nintendo these so called Insider would of been screaming devs jumping ship and all that fanboy rubbish

    • Xtreme Derp

      Lol no.

      They didn’t say anything when Don Mattrick, Steve Ballmer, and other MS execs or people related to Xbox “retired”.

      • Dennis Crosby

        O they didn’t I guess you forgot that they were spreading the rumor that Microsoft was selling off the XBOX brand

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Still sad to see them let them go tho…

  • Mark

    Kaz is the root of all this. Hope it will yield better results.

  • static5125

    Makes sense. Santa Monica’s cancelled IP apparently costed way too much money and because it got cancelled, all that money went to waste. Sony is restructuring so that things like this doesn’t happen again or happen a lot less often. You do NOT spend $100 million on a game that ends up being cancelled.

  • Massacred

    Makes sense.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Unfortunate, but numbers never lie.

  • Gabrielsp85

    Of course this joker will say that it’s expected from a sucker like him


    Sony is cutting off limbs so the body can survive.

    70% chance of bankruptcy in two years and holding. Credit reduced to junk status, and sony has more debt on hand than revenue to pay that debt when it is due. Yeah they are just restructuring lol.

    • Dakan45

      meh according to the sony super defence drones they are fine and you are are cluless and a xbot.

      Typical sony fanboy denial.

      Reffer to the comments below for more butthurt by the sonyfags

      • oo7PorscheMGS

        Do something better with your
        life than hate on a piece of’re disgustingly pathetic and need to get mental help…

        • Dakan45

          says the guy who is spamming everywhere.

          How about you do something better with your life instead of loving a piece of crap box from a horrible company?


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