Dark Souls 2 To Have More Tutorials Than Predecessor

The unique approach used by From Software in Demon/Dark Souls has been since praised by most developers in the industry, who claimed to be inspired in a way or another to make their game less streamlined and more difficult to complete. Still, despite this From Software isn’t under the delusion that everything in their games was already perfect and in Dark Souls 2, due for release next week on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (while PC will get the game at a later, still unspecified date), players will be able to find more tutorials than in its predecessor, according to Takeshi Miyazoe, Producer at Bandai Namco, who spoke with OXM.

In terms of tutorials it will be a little more than in Dark Souls I, but we’re not going to explain all the tools you’ll have. We want players to be creative

Miyazoe also touched on the delicate issue of maintaining the game servers alive for a long time. While Dark Souls 2 will be playable in single player, the game has an even more robust online infrastructure than its predecessor. The producer swore that they’re going to keep the server until it feels like barely anyone is playing.

It’s tough to say, but we’ll keep the servers running for as long as we possibly can – until it gets to the point where it feels like there’s hardly anyone playing at all. It’s very difficult to keep our game monetised and it’s a cost to keep the servers running, but we think that’s part of the business of being able to release a game like Dark Souls

Will you be able to hold off for the PC version in order to enjoy the improved graphics or not? Let us know about your decision by adding a comment.

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