[RUMOR] Dino Crisis Reboot May Be In Development

For some strange reason, videogames today are full of zombies, aliens, vampires, but there are almost no dinosaurs to be found, even though they are notoriously among the most enticing creatures for young people.

The most successful franchise based on dinosaurs was undoubtedly Capcom‘s Dino Crisis, but it has been dormant for many years – the last main entry, Dino Crisis 3, was released in late 2003 for the original Xbox console. However, we might be in for a series reboot, if the rumor originated by Official Xbox Magazine UK (latest issue) and spread by Eurogamer.it turns out to be true. It should be noted that Capcom shot down a similar rumor last year, claiming that the company was more interested in developing new intellectual properties rather than rehashing old ones.


Still, they might have changed their minds since, and the power of nostalgia shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. I, for one, would welcome a next generation Dino Crisis Reboot – and you? Let us know in the comments section!

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (966 Posts)

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  • Steph

    I’d love a next gen version of Dino a Crisis on xb and ps, hell even wiiU.

    • madbads

      RE 6 style or like DC 1 or maybe even 2 on PSone? I bet on RE 6 , just another cash in on a very good tittle DC once was :)

  • ChatWraithTrois

    What’s the supposed rumor quote? The article says a rumor was spread by UK OXM, but do you have a pullquote? I’d need to see some context/wording, please.


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