Dead Nation PS4 Info In 24/48H; Vita port still alive

There have been quite a few rumors regarding a Dead Nation PS4 port, and just a few hours ago the official Asian PlayStation Blog announced that a game titled Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition would be among the March freebies for PS4 users who have a PS+ subscription.

Now users are very eager to know more, however, and are pressing Housemarque – the Finnish developer also responsible for the little gem called Resogun – about it on Twitter. The answer was, as you can read below, that all kinds of information can be expected within the next 24/48 hours.

Now, there’s also a related topic worthy of discussion, because there had been talks about a Vita port for Dead Nation as well. Another user asked about this, and the developer outright denied that it had been cancelled.

Still, it would be a bit odd for them to release just a Vita port now, since Dead Nation PS4 – as with every other game on the console – should support Vita via Remote Play. Unless Vita is getting a very customized version, I don’t see much point, but obviously we’ll have to wait for the full information in order to make a judgement. Stay tuned!

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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  • LightningBoltAction

    Not everybody getting a Vita has a PS4.

    And the Vita is not a PS4 controller.

    Remote Play is just a value added for the Vita but not the Vita’s purpose.

  • Steph

    Don’t care about a vita port but I absolutely want it on my PS4!

  • Jordan

    there is a difference for the game being on Vita and having it over Remote Play (which pretty sure this game supports it). Having on Vita means you play anywhere anytime you like to. But you cant do the same for Remote Play unless you are at home or at a place with decent internet connection. So it is not an odd decision in any case. There are people who probably owns a Vita and not a PS4 (yet). So we cant think likewise simply because you or I owns a PS4


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