Killzone: Shadow Fall Valentine’s Weekend

Guerrilla Games treated us with another Killzone: Shadow Fall special weekend, this time themed around Valentine’s Day.

They started a new weekend challenge called Torrid Turret Affair, which started on the 14th of February and lasts until Sunday night, 0:00 GMT.

The goal is to rack a massive amounts of turret kills per hour in Extended Warzones. However, to participate in this challenge, you must play a minimum of 2 hours this weekend.


They also featured 3 new warzones made by players:

Pistol Warfare 2 – Classic Team Deathmatch, but only featuring Pistols and Grenades with few Abilities (there are no turrets and drones expect for Revive Drone).

1 Life 12vs12 TDM – 24 player Team Deathmatch mahyem, with a twist: everyone has only one life.

Tactical Becon Theft – There is only one mission, Beacon Theft. The twist here is again having only one life so it reminds a bit of Search and Destroy from Call of Duty. Also the number of abilities is greatly reduced, having ony Supply Box, Stun Drone and Stun Blast included.


And last but not least, GG treated us another wallpaper:

Which is available for download here.

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  • AlwaysRight

    No amount of new content could make me play killzone a particular attempt at multiplayer again, they went for all looks no substance on his game, that goes for both single and multiplayer.


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