Crazy PS Vita Bargain: $99 at Best Buy

Acoording to NeoGaf user andylsun, you can grab a PS Vita right now at Best Buy for only $99. The model on sale is the standard WiFi PS Vita model and doesn’t include any games or extras, but for that price you cannot really ask for anything more.

This deal, however, is only valid in certain Best Buy stores across the country and will be running for one day only, as part of the clearance for the end of Best Buy’s financial year, so the earlier you check out your nearest Best Buy, the better! If you have wanted a PS Vita but you didn’t quite want to spend the full price, this is your chance.

Let us know if your hunt was successful by adding a comment below.

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  • hesoyamdonMonster

    dead cheap

  • bigshynepo

    I’m in for a spare vita at that price! damn.


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