Thuway: Titanfall 360 Close To X1, CBOAT Leak Genuine

The rumor wheels around Titanfall, Xbox One and certain insiders aren’t stopping yet. After the leak by CBOAT about Respawn’s title, which stated that the alpha textures are indeed final for Xbox One, the developer issued a denial through Twitter.

However, insider Ahsan Rasheed, also known as thuway, confirmed in a series of tweets that the leak was absolutely genuine despite Respawn Entertainment‘s claims.

Of course, one would imagine the official source to be more trustworthy, but at the same time it cannot be a coincidence that every insider heard the same thing. Perhaps Respawn believes they can upgrade the textures without getting a performance hit, and yet someone inside Microsoft is skeptical about this? This is just speculation on my part, of course. Still, thuway had another interesting piece of information to share: for a long time, many feared for the 360 version of Titanfall, but apparently it’s doing great and it’s closer to Xbox One’s than anyone could have thought.

For the record, Titanfall is being developed for Xbox 360 by Bluepoint Games. Alas, all rumors shall very soon come to an end as we approach the February beta and finally, the March release date.

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  • Funballons

    lol u sony ponies jealousy is amazing lol. Keep crying and making articles like this, sony fans love rumors trying to dog the xb, they can’t say good things about their ps4 lol.
    Gotta love u sony ponies, keep it up, ur jealousy brightens our days.

    • jarvis

      lulz trollololol

      • Funballons

        If u gonna try to reply,and troll, at least try, u fail and now begone lil,doggy, u can’t hang with the big boys, shoe fly, shoe.

        • Funny

          When you’re trying to insult someone, at least spell it properly. It’s “shoo” not “shoe”. A shoe is what your mommy showed you how to tie the laces on last week. Don’t worry, you’ll learn someday!

          • Arnold Stallone

            you’re wrong, that was 2 weeks ago, tying the laces.
            last week, it was “how to correctly wipe the butt to avoid poo on the xbox controller”

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      Well, it is worth mentioning that the only thing your hear about Titan Fall or Xbox One lately is a leak of some sort. There is one way to end this. They can do a 360 beta. It always best to show what you have so you aren’t at the mercy of “insider” leaks. Perhaps this just means that Bluepoint are really good at what they do.

      • *PC

        That is the smart thing of Activision.

        There never do a beta of call of duty

    • luvthesnapper

      what in the bloody hell are you rambling about…..

    • Arnold Stallone

      We’re so jealous of the xbox one… specially the 720p resolutions.
      Hardcore gamers will play titanfall on their PC’s, most, for free, via a no-cd patch or any other hack.
      The x360 owners, will get it on the x360, since it will look +80% like the xbone version.
      Xbone preorders are a big joke: only a few hundred thousands.

      *please somebody help us. Jealousy is killing us*
      *ahhhh, it hurts so bad*
      *medics, please*
      *720p, we need it.ahhhhh, it hurts*

      • Agrippa

        You stink of butt hurt.

      • TheRedButterfly
      • Jason Mounce

        You’re in an Xboner-infested area. You’ll only lure their salty tears and fiery pubescent cries that Sony fans for some reason should be jealous. Lol.

        • Guest

          Sony fans can play Titanfall 2 .

          For me Titanfall is a epic fail …. 6v6 …. is out of time.

          On the Pc u do easy 120 vs 120 if u want

          Or the xbox one is so weak that have really problem to have more gamers in the game and the 50% more power of ps4 does really count.

          • Jason Mounce

            @elitepc:disqus – I feel, honestly, that Titanfall will have sequels as is tradition with them being COD’s Team. It’s their goal to make a next-COD-hit and EA wants a piece of that cash which is why they invested in them.

            But, Titanfall will then of course need to be multiplatform for more money. Beyond that it feels like it’d be blatantly obvious it’ll do the same thing that Mass Effect did. 360 fans never expected ME to ever go PS3 unlike Oblivion/Bioshock or the like.

            I’ll for sure try Titanfall on PC though, it feels like it’s warranted the attention of testing it as I am a fan of Mechs for one thing ever since Mechwarrior 2 on W95.

          • Mrteapot

            Using windows right?

      • og_dinkis

        Not true. The Xbone preorders are much higher then the PC version.

      • StrongIsland

        It’s a joke like the amount of people playing that horrible game called KZ 4. Last time I checked there wasn’t even 1000 people online playing KZ4. Now that’s a joke and give up the 720/1080 bullshit. The differences are minuscule. How’s your ps4 frame rate issues lmao. BF4 in 900p is so much better then 720p lmfao. Give me a break. IDE rather have 720p and better frame rate.

        • datdude

          This idiot somehow doesn’t realize the xbone is losing the resolution battle AND the framerate battle. Someone educate this unfortunate turd slug.

          • Jessika S.


        • GremDude

          There is no such game as KZ4.

        • Jordan

          Unfortunately with 720P the performance for BF4 on XO still run worst than PS4 running at 900P. You need to educate yourself on this one before you even making claims like you rather have 720P for better framerate over whatever resolution. This has been tested and proven. I think it is you that needs to give everyone a break and stop spreading false statements.

      • Matt Perham

        I have both PS4 and Xbox One as well as a high-end gaming computer, and IMO, PS4 is just a downgraded gaming computer. It doesn’t really offer me anything that my PC can’t do better. Xbox One on the other hand offers me some nice features that I do not have on my computer. PS4 no doubt beats Xbox One in a few area’s, but PC beats the PS4 in those same area’s, so if that’s what you’re buying for, then get a PC, not a watered down console.

        Just my opinion. Personally 1080p and 720p are both meh to me seeing as my PC spits out 2160p and looks amazing. So if resolution and FPS is what you want, go for PC.

        You should buy an Xbox One vs. PS4 based on what games and features you like that they offer, not based on the FPS and Resolution which you’ll forget about if you’re playing a good game. Especially when both consoles are okay at best. 1080p and 60FPS are way outdated in my mind.

        • Mrteapot

          Completely true amen

      • miDnIghtEr20C

        You heard it here. Most hardcore gamers he says will play it on the PC. Guess we’ll have to see those sales numbers between the 3.

        I guess hardcore gamers only play PC games eh? Why would they play shit as Iphone games like the PS4 is pulling out right now right? Love how you new school video game fans play resolutions. Must of been terrible for you to play anything other than a PS3/360/PS4/X1.

    • bigshynepo

      Looks like you finally found an audience!
      You stay on this page with all your Xbox fanboys and the rest of us will hang out over here, on the rest of the internet.

    • datdude

      Beep Beep Beep….delusional douchebag alert!!!! Oh, the poor xbots. Their tiny little testes hurt from getting trampled by Sony’s greatness. The clouddddzzzzz have parted. Or should I say, the cloudddzzzz have farted, seeing how the 360 version will be within shouting distance of the poor xbone. Enjoy that 720p capable tv passthrough box. Case closed critters.

    • Jeff

      Hmm…you don’t seem very confident…

    • *PC

      You whine and cry only …. on this site ….

      That say everything already ….

      U most be jealous that your 7 years behind me and the PC master race.

      My old game Crysis 1 from the year 2007 is beyond the xbox one games in graphics Dead Rising3 and Forza5 ….

      Why do u accept less ?? why do u accept less ?? why do u accept less ??

      Why in heavens name do u want to buy a titanfall 1 ?? in first place this game is have only 6v6 in 2014 …. i mean we are in 2014 …. 2014 ….

      It is a insult for xbox one to even have this game and the other insult is that the playstation4 will have this game Titanfall 2 in 2015.

      And there is no reason to even buy the ps4 or xboxone version in future …. there is master race years beyond and the superior version of this clown game titanfall is the PC version.

  • Joshua Kepler

    LOL. These insiders are a joke. People will believe the company vs someone who is claiming something. When the game releases and it’s textures are better than what the two insiders are claiming their credibility will be destroyed. And if the company is lying, the same for them. But for now, no reason to believe insiders vs the company.

    • Funballons

      Agreed, they are just sony fans or people trying to make a name for themselves by capatilizing,on the console wars lol. What a joke, but sony ponies love faulty logic and rumors and hate the truth so no doubt they consider any rumor fact, unless of course it’s a rumor about the ps4 lol.

    • datdude

      You seem to forget these are the same devs who said this game couldn’t be done without the cloudddzzzz yet somehow all they could manage was 720p, 6v6, multiplayer only with no destruction in the environments in a game with 12 human players only while heavily populated with bots. Yeah, believe those guys at your own peril.

      • Mrteapot

        You sound like a bitter fanboy who’s compensating the lack of good exclusives on PS 4 by talking trash over a game both console gamers were highly looking forward to haha
        Unfortunately xbox/windows exclusive..hey so infamous is running at 30fps sure it will be relatively short fun :-)

        • datdude

          Does anyone else notice how pathetic xbot only gamers sound when talking
          about Titanfall? It’s understandable, as they are so starved for
          quality content, and have been for years, on Microsoft’s system. The
          rest of us, who own multiple consoles, or prefer Sony’s offerings, have
          enjoyed goty after goty exclusives from Sony’s first party devs for
          years now. Yet the xbots are going nuts over a 720p, 6v6, multiplayer
          only fragfest. Goes to show what low expectations do to a community.
          They’ve been beaten down and trampled by Microsoft’s policies and lack
          of content for so long, when they finally get a peek at a glimmer of
          hope, they act like the sky is falling. Titanfalling. Good luck with
          that. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. (But let’s be honest, this game will
          be long forgotten by E3, when the real big guns come to the party.)
          Enjoy, critters!!!!

  • Dennis Crosby

    The amazing thing about this is that these two guy are suppose to be insider that everyone knows by there actually names but yet they have been blacklisted isn’t that interesting that there guys in the industry who get blacklisted for smaller thing then leaks yet these two guys haven’t been yet

    • Wargreymon559 .

      The thing is these guys aren’t under any sort of NDA. So technically they can’t be be Blacklisted.

  • Agrippa

    These guys are just running damage control if you ask me. Listen to the Devs not these trolls.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Same could be said about the Devs.Why tell you oh yea are game is gonna run at so so.They wouldn’t cuz then people would end up either cancelling or just not bothering with the game at.

      • Agrippa

        Alpha clearly stated It’s running in 25% it was to test technical aspects of running the game. It’s not a uncommon practice. Better to heed them then random trolls on the internet at any rate. And not one person was talking about cancelling after the alpha test. They wanted it even more regardless if that’s true or not. Awesome as is was a personal friend of mines words. Graphics are not everything are my thoughts. This game excels in something more important and that’s gameplay.

        • Wargreymon559 .

          Same thing was said about BF3 &BF4.Look how they turned out.Plus they don’t really change much after the beta.Yes they may increase the lighiting here and there.But its still gonna look the same regardless.

          • Agrippa

            Wasn’t a beta though it was a alpha. 2 different stages of development.

      • Funballons

        No dev would flat out lie and ruin the name of their new company. U sony fanboys are such a joke. Fine ur jealous about titanfall, we get it. U obviously have no knowledge of game creation lol, change lighting here an there? Hah such a noob reply. They don’t change much after the beta? Another noob comment, that’s the whole point of a beta lol, ur so ignorant it’s too funny, but since ur so clueless and obviously a sony pony, there’s no reason humiliating u further. Begone lol ur outta ur league.

        • Fox Mulder

          Actually if you remember Gearbox lied pretty blatantly about Aliens and Duke Nukem, so its not outside the realm of possibility.

        • Justin McDermott

          What’s going to happen when you dont have TitanFall to cling to anymore.

    • Jeff Pee

      Ahhh… I don’t know if you’d call those 2 “Internet trolls” They’ve been pretty credible in the past, leaking both good and bad news for both PS4 and X-1. They have quite a lot of “insiders” spilling beans to them, but of course I would generally take the Devs word for it, they are the Devs and if it was a lie… we’ll know it once we,be played it.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Lol at the fags at neoshitgaf

  • dirkradke

    What I find interesting is the textures may be final, but not all the textures were downloaded in the alpha build to make the file size smaller. The developer said this upfront. Therefore, the textures may be final, but not all downloaded. You will note that this doesn’t mean either the developer or CBOAT actually lied about anything. Also the alpha build is just that – not a final product. Therefore, I expect both are correct.

  • Tedakin

    Probably worth mentioning that Respawn once again adamantly denied the Alpha textures are final TWICE after the CBOAT leak. I’ll take their word over a random internet “insider” for now….

  • miDnIghtEr20C

    Holy shit is all I can say. People taking Thuway now as some real guy that works in the video game industry. This is pretty crazy that these Sony fanboys are believing every word out of these Sony fanboy insiders.

    Funny thing is that if this game was coming out for PS4 only, Respawns statement would be enough, and nobody would believe Thuway and his med student ways. They’d believe the Dev that told them no.. they know what they’re doing.

    But because it’s MS and the X1, every SDF member big or small needs to jump on. Hilarious that the game that won the most awards EVER at an E3 is causing this much panic amongst the PS4 crowd.

  • Michael D

    You ponies do know that cboat was exposed as a fraud… A queer mod at sonygaf making a fake account as a “insider” to trash x1… it’s sad you ponies have to stoop to such a level


    Funny as I was invited to the alpha, it specifically says the graphics won’t be final in the game!. Nice try sony “insider” Trolls!!!
    You now have branded yourseves as losers!.

    • datdude

      Does anyone notice how pathetic xbot only gamers sound when talking about Titanfall? It’s understandable, as they are so starved for quality content, and have been for years, on Microsoft’s system. The rest of us, who own multiple consoles, or prefer Sony’s offerings, have enjoyed goty after goty exclusives from Sony’s first party devs for years now. Yet the xbots are going nuts over a 720p, 6v6, multiplayer only fragfest. Goes to show what low expectations do to a community. They’ve been beaten down and trampled by Microsoft’s policies and lack of content for so long, when they finally get a peek at a glimmer of hope, they act like the sky is falling. Titanfalling. Good luck with that. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. (But let’s be honest, this game will be long forgotten by E3, when the real big guns come to the party.) Enjoy, critters!!!!

      • Mrteapot

        Hoping E3 will redeem your purchase for games haha dude titanfall got dozens of awards for E3 last year and both camps were excited for it. Now xbox got exclusivity theres alot of butt hurt on Sony.
        Gl for waiting 5months for E3 and another 4+ months for so called game to be released, moron.
        You sound like a Sony tool when it crys

        • datdude

          This poor buffoon doesn’t realize The Last of Us just won more goty awards than any game in history. This buffoon also apparently doesn’t realize Sony’s first party developers have been producing such content for years on end now, winning goty awards fairly routinely. On one hand he shines us on with pie in the sky e3 awards for a demo of a game that was running off a high end pc that is yet to see the light of day and for which he has no clue as to what the actual quality of the final product will be, and with the very same hand tells us to keep waiting for this years e3, essentially damning it yet using it as his example of merit when the situation suits his circular logic….this is one confused soul. Somebody call this kid’s mom….his diaper is leaking. He needs a binkie, a blanket, a burping, a bed, and a bottle. Then lil’ teapot can cry himself to sleep, dreaming of cloudddzzzzzzz. Hush lil’ teapot, don’t you cry. Nighty, night son, you’re done.

          • Mrteapot

            Last of us: 4mill sold
            Halo 4: 9 mill sold
            Put your money were your mouth is and not on Sony penis bud

            I actually think last of us is better then halo 4 but not as fun, better story.
            No wonder you got alot of time praising a company you don’t get paid for. I mean what else is there to play on PS knack? Killzone? You mean resogun?! Please just play the multiplats and write your hate for Microsoft cause they keep buying E3 games, while Sony goes bankrupt :-)

            • datdude

              This poor bastard thinks sales equates to quality. Unbelievable. Look no further than this blowhard to see the stupidity of some gamers. By his warped mindset, every Call of Duty release is the greatest games evers. And this guy is really confused because he seems to be one of the few dopes who don’t realize the ps4’s launch titles are more highly rated than the xbone’s. He’s exactly the kind of moron to point out how pretty Ryse is when it’s simultaneously the lowest rated exclusive on either system. What a clown.

              • Mrteapot

                On the same note i bet your super excited to play destiny by bungi, bet you if it was still under Microsoft you NEVER touch it!
                Call of duty is like a never ending map pack of a overplayed good fps formula. Unlike killzone which has no good formula haha
                Idiot resogun an indie game got higher ratings then killzone and knack, AAA PS4 titles got best by an INDIE GAME retard.
                I like both xbox and PS your just a PS ponie who sucks big PS DICK lop.

                • datdude

                  Douchebag says what? Destiny will be better than Titanfall. Larger environments, more exploration, and ya know, a story to move the gameplay along. Geez, what a bozo. This just in….the bozo says AAA ps4 games got bested by an indie game, resogun. The poor fool is too ignorant to realize that if the ps4 exclusive resogun is more highly rated than any of Sony’s AAA titles then that means it’s also more highly rated than any xbone AAA title as well!!! What a colossal moron!!! He makes this far too easy!!!

                  • Mrteapot

                    Ummm titanfall got nominated.heavily at E3 and Sony best game is an indie….wow went right over your head “face palm”
                    Somewhere in your room i just picture a life sized cut out of Jack Trenton and Mark cerny that you feverishly masterbate too, while you suck on your thumb crying yourself to sleep reaasurimg yourself titanfall will suck haha
                    Iam happy that your excited about destiny cause bungi makes great games I’ve played halo the last 7yrs :-)
                    Bye little Sony troll

                    • datdude

                      Get a job. Get a life.

                    • Mrteapot

                      “licks his thumb and sticks it in datdudes arse”
                      My job is to tickle your bootie that brings fulfillment to my life babygirl

                    • datdude

                      I hope you’re a woman. Otherwise I find your fixation with my butt rather alarming.

    • Mrteapot

      Sony fangirl tears yummmm


    And in other news!
    it was just confirmed by Ven Zampella via twiter, that you will not have to pre-order the game to play the beta!

  • You are flat out wrong

    Another Xbone failure.

  • The Hunter Protoss

    Whats the matter with the textures? Actually, the game looks awesome, not awesome like a next-gen title, but certainly one step above last gen. In the end of the day, what matter is: It’s NOT being released in any sony console, which is a great achievement for Microsoft, since TitansFall IS the next BIG THING in the industry.

  • zainfazal3000

    So the Xbox One has 10 times the memory of the Xbox 360, an 8 core procesor and a much stronger GPU and somehow we are suppose to believe that even with all the extra power the Xbox One has, the 360 version and the Xbox One version are going to look the same? Respawn would have to go out of their way to make the Xbox One version look that bad. Have you seen the alpha? those textures actually look worse then many Xbox 360 games.


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