Killzone Shadow Fall Coop Isn’t Free After All

You might remember our article about the possibility of getting the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall coop expansion pack for free, provided that a friend who bought the season pass shared it with you. This was specified in the PS Store as testified by the image included in the original article, but Sony PR just contacted us to confirm that the specific note about this has since been removed.

In all likelihood, then, this won’t be possible whenever the coop expansion DLC lands on Killzone Shadow Fall. However, in related and more pleasant news, you can now buy the game  for a discounted price ($41.99 instead of $59.99) on the PS Store (USA) during the Flash Sale.


More news on the first Killzone Shadow Fall DLC is expected soon, so stay tuned on Worlds Factory.

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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  • Funballons

    Lol sony charging for this BS? Nobody even plays online anymore…what a joke. The ps4 hype is so over. PS3.5 oops ps4 is so overrated and now it’s showing splits in it’s seams. Fanboys getting mad,their sony console isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and tons of people going to xbox one, I’m gone too. PS3.5 sony ponies only going to get madder as xbox does better and better. Glad I’m getting a one so I dot have to keep playing knack and killzone, hell, infamous a nextgen game for ps4 looks like a ps3 game and has no multiplayer, bah so powerful huh ps4? We been duped.

    • Billy Bob

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Seriously though. Fuck off kid.

      • DARKNIZ

        Im with you billy bob!!!!! WHAT A CLOWN!!! I LOVE KILLZONE

        • Funballons

          Good enjoy playing it by yourself lol, and have fun buying the DLC, haha

      • Funballons

        Hah cry more hoss, ur hick tears make me happy. Begone, I’m done with u little boy, I hear ur mom calling u any way, must be past ur bedtime. Coochie Coochie Coo. U been faced.

        • guest

          Funballons == the Most stupid dumb person of the world!Thanks reading your post make me feel better. Just a curiosity: do you gain some money for spamming negativity on internet? M$ give you a XboxOne as a gift? Anyway, as a owner of both(ps3/360; ps4/One), this time Sony is clearly in advantage over MS same as 360 over ps3 previously.
          This is the truth. It doesn’t mean that One(as ps3) will not have amazing game. Gamers are the winner of this competition!
          Person like you instead shall not be allowed to think, because it’s clear that you have no brain (and maybe also a soul, that justify your attitude to insulting other people and cry like a baby!). Use your time better and go play some games, make a girlfriend (assuming you are a boy) and stop polluting internet more than what it’s already!

        • Billy Bob

          Are you on drugs?


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