Might and Magic X: Legacy Review – Welcome Back!

Might and Magic X: Legacy is the tenth entry to the Might and Magic series, a series which has remained dormant since 2002. In Might and Magic players control a party of four adventurers as they fight and explore through dungeons, complete quests and, ultimately, become legends in their world. Are these classic RPGs still enjoyable, or did they remain dormant for a reason?


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After a rather lengthy and long winded introduction, the player has the choice to create his own party of adventurers, use the default one or randomize every member. Whilst the random button was tempting, I decided to not risk having a weird composition and went for the default party which consists of a Dwarf Defender, Orc Barbarian, Elf Ranger and Human Freemage. The default party is well rounded: the Dwarf is tough and naturally tanky, the Orc hits very hard, the Elf is good from range and can double up as a support and the mage can be both a support as well as a hard-hitting spell caster. Each class can take numerous directions, all of which are viable, but it’s up to the player to find the playstyle which suits him best. For newcomers, I would definitely recommend using the default party.

Might and Magic X is old-school in every sense of the word. The game looks and feels like a classic RPG from the 90s, there is even an option to have the classic “pixelated” view if you really want a trip down Memory Lane. In many ways, Might and Magic X is an improvement towards other games of its genre as it makes the combat completely turn based, which avoids the use of some exploits from previous games which allowed the player to hit and quickly move away into a different tile before the enemy could retaliate. Here, once you enter melee combat your party is locked in position and is forced to trade blows.


In addition to its retro look and feel, Might and Magic X doesn’t hold your hand like most modern RPGs, and is challenging from the very beginning. Your first quest involves climbing down a well to kill spiders living underneath the lovely town of Sorpigal-by-the-Sea and, whilst this sounds straight forward, players will quickly realize the game isn’t very forgiving. I made the mistake of peeking behind a corner instead of going back to town to buy more antidotes and supplies and was rewarded with two spiders appearing out of nowhere and wiping out my party. Dying during the first mission is never fun, but I learned a valuable lesson: never go into unexplored territory without being properly equipped to face anything. Or at least save your game often!


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I’ll be honest, Might and Magic X doesn’t have the strongest of starts. The high difficulty and weak tutorial don’t give you enough time to familiarize yourself with the game and its mechanics, which means your first fights will be tough and you will feel as if you can’t progress. Might and Magic encourages exploration and doing side quests, so it’s very important that you talk to everyone in the towns and get all the quests you can. If you feel like you can’t progress in the story, take a break and try something else. It’s not always obvious, but it will always help.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor for sticking around despite the off-putting beginning of the game, as once you are a few hours in and your party doesn’t get wrecked by a few spiders or a crazy merman, the game really opens up and becomes much more friendly. Might and Magic X also has quite a bit of charm to it, there are some subtle jokes and references here and there which made me smile, and you are bound to feel attached to your party after you make it through some tough boss fights.


Ubisoft made Might and Magic X witha limited budget and, whilst these kind of games don’t require the same amount of money as a AAA title, it shows that the game could have used some more resources. I did encounter some nasty FPS drops, especially when you are in large, open areas, and the game could use some more variety in enemy types and sound clips. Regardless, Might and Magic X is clearly a work of love, and it’s clear that the developers are fans of the genre. The result is a fantastic cRPG which successfully brings back a franchise and genre which has been non-existent for over a decade.


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At the budget price of £20/$30, Might and Magic X: Legacy offers incredible value. The campaign is very long, I can’t give an exact number as I have yet to finish the game (as I said, it’s VERY long), but it’s said to be close to the original Might and Magic games, which usually lasted anywhere from 30 to 50 hours. The flexible class system can also warrant another playthrough with a completely different party line up which is bound to offer a very different experience, not to mention the Warrior difficulty which makes the game a lot harder!

Overall, I would love to see Ubisoft make more Might and Magic games, as Legacy is a fantastic title and also a great starting point for newcomers. Fans of classic RPGs will feel right at home with Legacy and definitely won’t be disappointed with what the game has to offer. For anyone who’s willing to give it a try, Legacy is as good a starting point as any, and is sure to reward players who stick around.

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Might and Magic X: Legacy marks the triumphant return of a series and genre which has been absent for too long. If players are willing to bear with the punishing difficulty they are bound to experience one of the finest cRPGs to come out in recent years.

There is room for improvement, but after such a promising outing, it's hard to understand why the genre remained dormant for so long.

  • Lengthy Singleplayer Campaign
  • Classic RPG at it's finest!
  • Fun and Engaging Combat
  • Difficult to get into
  • Weak Story
  • Marco Boschini

    I’m eager to try this game, thanks for the review, and I am happy to see a nice score! Btw this genre was already awakened 2 years ago by Legend of Grimrock, have you tried it? I reccomend it, was pretty fun.


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