PS4 “Interact From Stream” Feature Is Already Active

If you followed the PS4 reveal back in February 2013 at the PlayStation Meeting, you might remember that amongst the many, enticing PS4 features detailed by Mark Cerny, there was one which enabled streamers to interact with their public: for example, it was said, if the streamer died in the game, they could revive him/her, or aid in other ways.


This particular feature struck a chord with me, as I’ve always been looking for deeper and more varied interaction in online gaming. However, after that no one talked about it anymore, and one could have assumed that the feature was still being finalized; as always, Neogaf comes to the rescue with evidence suggesting that the “interact” feature is, in fact, already active in some games.

First of all, there’s this screenshot hinting at several options to choose while interacting in Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS4, and then Shuhei Yoshida himself confirmed that Tecmo Koei‘s title supports the feature:


There’s more confirmation for other games though, as the newly released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition appears to have the feature as well, and Gematsu reports that Yakuza Ishin will use it in a rather creative way: with a high enough number of comments, the player will gain beneficial effects.

tomb raider definitive edition interactive

It appears, then, that the feature is embedded in the system and it is only up to developers to activate it in their games. Would you like to see it in more titles, and do you have any clever ideas on what to do with it? Tell us below.

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  • Artboy

    Does this mean Me > Gaf > Internet?. For using my image I require £3 per thousand views!, if I get lucky that’s beer and ciggs for the night.

    I did try asking the devs of the port for details on how it works, but not heard anything back.I’ll post back if they reply or look out for @NixxesSoftware

  • joe

    I like how sony requires all games to be able to remote play but doesn’t require them to have this feature. I know Sony wants to play nice with Devs and make them happy but come on, you gotta put your foot down a little if you want a consistent console experience, not one where only some games support a feature if the devs choose to add it, that’s where the PS3 failed.

    • jdp12

      why does every game need this feature? Remote Play is completely different as it benefits every game (if you have a vita)

      • Artboy

        I don’t know what features are being worked on but I can think of a few ideas that could work.

        Lets say Drive club or even GT7 come out and they implement a simple betting system. In theory you could gain credits to use in GT7 because your signed into the network.

        Another idea is a wrestling game were you as the real crowd dictate the responses of the in game crowd. We could build specials for the players playing, warn the ref of a weapon. You could go as far as permanently deciding who is the heel/face wrestler in someones CAW match.

        Even though these are very simple ideas it’s an extra level of interaction that’s not been done before.
        What if as a viewer we can spawn a certain type of special mob based on a 1 minute vote, or even pick a route that the player must go down.

        In the long run I think the interact system will allow us to control that users game in a fashion similar to Gakai. If I remember correctly this was a highlight at Sony’s Feb reveal.


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