Valve & Oculus To Deliver VR in 2015, Says Dev

The Steam Dev Days are officially over, but information is still coming out of the two-days event held in Seattle by Valve. An unknown developer decided to do an impromptu AMA session on Reddit on his/her flight back.

The biggest news is that apparently, Valve & Oculus are working together to deliver VR in 2015. The Oculus Rift was kickstarted back in September 2012 for almost $2.5 Millions, and while countless games have promised to add Oculus Rift support since then, there has been no firm release date for the consumer model, which is what every gamer is waiting for.


This seems to be a step forward, one that is justified by the research being conducted by Valve in the VR field: apparently, they expect to have significant improvements in the technology for 2015, as exemplified by the following slide:


This is well beyond the capabilities of the actual Oculus Rift dev kit, and should help eliminate most of the issues that people have with the current model. What’s more, this will be even better than the super-secret Valve tech shown during the Dev Days, which impressed not only developers like Tripwire’s David Hensley (who claimed he didn’t experience motion sickness, one of the most tangible issues of VR), but even Oculus creator Palmer Luckey, according to fellow PR Dave Oshry.


In other Steam news, he also mentioned that there will be “many more games” using Steam Workshop for add-ons and modding, which is always a great news as every PC gamer knows.

Are you excited for VR in gaming? After trying the Oculus at Gamescom 2012/2013, I know I am, especially if they can fix most of the issues with the new technology. Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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  • Guy Brohski

    We will probaly see Steam Machine/Oculus bundles.

  • PcRules

    This is the future for sure so this Oculus/ Valve co develope it can only mean great things so bring it on :)


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