GTAV Porting on GTA IV PC Proves Rockstar Greatness

You may have heard of the unofficial GTAV porting effort on PC by now. Since Rockstar doesn’t seem willing to put an end to release date rumors yet, the vast modding community of GTA started working on a massive project that involved ripping GTAV map and converting it for GTA IV. After a few warm-up videos, today the team released a video which shows an amazing reproduction of Los Santos in GTA IV, as you can see for yourself below.

However, despite the impressive work done by the modders, after watching the video you will probably be thinking that the graphics was actually better in GTAV for PS3 and Xbox 360. Why is that, since PC can achieve much higher resolutions? The answer is simple: GTA IV uses a much older version of the RAGE engine, as noted by the modders themselves:

Please note, I cannot stress this part enough, this is not meant to replace the experience you get from GTA5. Rockstar games did an amazing job on GTA5 and we can only do so much on this, the engine IV uses is from 2006-2007 , while the engine v uses is years ahead.

This is why the video, most of all, proves Rockstar greatness. They were able to add massive improvements to their engine with GTAV, especially to the lighting, which looks extremely dull in comparison in GTA IV.

As the fans said, this mod (which will be released in a few weeks, according to the team) can help you get a taste of the GTAV experience and for a while you may pretend to be in Los Santos, but nothing more.

When Rockstar Games finally releases proper GTAV on PC, I expect many people will be impressed, even with all these next-gen games vying for attention.

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