KUFII English Beta coming soon;game shown in Thailand

Kingdom Under Fire II might be closer than you think, at least in terms of trying the game in an English version. While we will likely have to wait some time before the official North America/European launch, KUFII will soon be available in English for South East Asia thanks to publisher MMOG.Asia. It looks like this week there could be an announcement on the “Experience Beta Test”, which will be for all intents and purposes the first English beta, and their Facebook page already linked a few key giveaways for this test.

In related news, KUFII was playable at the “MOL Let’s Play” event held in Thailand between 10th and 12th January. You can find some images from the event below – it looks like the line was pretty huge; stay tuned for a lot more on Kingdom Under Fire II, including an exclusive interview with South Korean developer Blueside.






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  • Bos

    Why the marketing girls are not in full plate armor? lame! ^^

    • http://www.worldsfactory.net/ Alessio Palumbo

      That would have been a terrible shame.


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