Oxide: Nitrous Engine Ported to Mantle in Two Months

Oxide GamesDaniel Baker had a video interview with Tekzilla at CES 2014, and it was the perfect opportunity to get a few more details on Nitrous Engine and its Mantle port. According to Baker, the porting itself to AMD’s new API isn’t terribly difficult and took him about two months. Previously, Nitrous Engine had been obviously developed for DX and Baker reiterates that the engine is still very optimized for Microsoft’s API, getting “way more performance than virtually any other engine”, but as soon as they flipped the switch to Mantle, they were impressed of the immediate performance gains, even without a lot of specific optimization for Mantle.


As you can see in the demo below, the Nitrous Engine is handling over 7K spaceships, each one with their own AI and physics. Apparently, with Mantle they were even able to underclock the CPU (AMD FX-8350) by half without having troubles. However, going back to DX some frames become a bit “slow” and Oxide is forced to scale down some of the graphics fidelity. For the record, Stardock thinks that they can reach similar performance on PS4 with the Nitrous Engine, although it is unclear if that’s referring to DX performance or Mantle performance.

What do you think of AMD’s Mantle? Is it going to sway your GPU purchase? Let us know in the comments.


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