Awesome New Infamous Second Son Screens and Artwork

With Driveclub’s release date still unconfirmed (at least for the Western countries, since the game is officially pinned as available on launch day in Japan), Sucker Punch‘s Infamous Second Son is the next great exclusive PlayStation 4 fans are waiting for. Just a few moments, the official Twitter account linked some great new screens and artwork, stating that “where there’s smoke, there is Delsin”.

Indeed, the above screenshot makes that much clear while also illustrating the incredible graphical effects such as smoke, sparkles, pool ripples, not to mention the amazing detail on the characters themselves.

We also have a new screen of a checkpoint setup by the police in Seattle:


The theme of a police-city is central in Infamous Second Son, after all. Lastly, you can marvel at the artistic prowess of the designers at Sucker Punch with the following artwork:



Infamous Second Son will be out on 21th March for PlayStation 4.

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