PS4 Could Get The Same Performance of PC With Nitrous

We’ve already introduced the wonders of the Nitrous Engine, and while much talk on this new engine has been focused on the PC side (mostly because of the Mantle support voiced by developers Oxide Games), today new information surfaced indicating that even console players should be able to witness the same amazing battles – that is, if they own a PS4.


Speaking with Game Informer, Stardock‘s Brand Manager Adam Biessener said:

We’re actively pursuing console development. We’re fairly confident that we’ll be able to get this kind of performance on PS4 as well

It’s interesting, although not quite surprising that he wouldn’t mention Xbox One at all, since the consensus in the industry is pretty clear now: PS4 hardware is stronger, although how much exactly varies depending on whom you’ll ask.

There might be other reasons to prefer PlayStation 4 as well: Nitrous Engine has been built to recreate battles with thousands of units, which generally are reserved to strategy games, a rare genre on consoles. However, the touchpad on DualShock 4 controller might be helpful in handling these types of situations.


Nitrous has been confirmed as the engine of choice for multiple games in development at Stardock, including Star Control and Galactic Civilizations III, although apparently Oxide is also working on a game of their own.



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  • Neil Riley

    Sad for XB1 owners, still, they’ve got TV …. and skype… and that cpu sapping camera… and that cpu sapping OS…. and that inferior GPU…… and slower memory… apart from that 32mb of hard to code for memory… which is nice….ish!

    Still, M$ has oodles of money to bribe (sorry, i mean sponsor) websites to paint a better picture of their Golliath console. Meanwhile the PS4 (aka David) will quietly go about it’s business and be a games console.

    • wraith88

      PS4 is the superior console hardware-wise, has the highest number of units sold world-wide, has a lock on the the goodwill of the majority of gamers yet still you’re trying to paint the PS4 as some kind of “David” underdog?

      • Neil Riley

        It was a pun on the actual physical size of the console, the PS4 being little and the XB1 being huge…… geddit?

        • wraith88

          Fair enough.


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