Analyst: PlayStation 4 Has Slight US Sales Advantage

Analysts at the premiere research firm Baird and Co. suggested that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a slight advantage in the US sales, even with the supply constraints it suffered.

Still, it is way too early to call this a conclusive victory over Xbox One, according to Colin Sebastian, Senior Research Analyst of Internet & Interactive Entertainment:

Sony’s PS4 clearly bounced back from our mixed early-2013 supply chain checks, and appears to have a slight momentum edge among core gamers, as demonstrated by premium prices on eBay and persistent out-of-stock reports at retail

Sebastian also added that for third parties and retailers, a tight race for the top spot in the hardware sales charts would be highly beneficial:

A competitive ‘two horse’ console race would be positive for software publishers and retailers if Microsoft and Sony are forced to compete aggressively for market share

Finally, he said that GameStop will likely have to rely significantly on hardware sales in the first part of 2014, since they’re getting low margins of profit on used software and there will be a “light release schedule” .

I’m not sure I agree with Sebastian here, as the release schedule is pretty packed around March-April. Stay tuned to learn everything about the most interesting games coming in 2014 and beyond!

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  • Jack Slater

    Is it too hard to Americans to admit everybody wants a ps4, and as soon as 10,50,200’000 ps4 are available, they disappear like smoke. Meanwhile, microsoft tries hard to convince people that the xbox one is a huge success, and is sold out everywhere.

    The xbox one is like the Wii u. 90% of Those who wanted one already got one.
    Every single store had dozens, maybe hundreds of xbox one available for sale.
    Why don’t they disappear? Because there are very few people wanting one.
    Why don’t the 20-30 million xbox360 fans rush and go buy one? It’s available, right?
    Why aren’t those 30 million fans buying 100-300’000 xbox one each week, specially during this time of the year? With the ps4 sold out on 99% of the american retailers, these American xbox fans had even more reasons to get an xbox one, which is available everywhere.

    But no, looks like all those fans that invade games related forums, and defend Microsoft and the xbox one more then their own family, those, they already bought one. But all the other gamers, and the 20-30 million xbox fans, what are they waiting for? Their favourite websites and press, journalists, everybody, like sessler, already did their job, giving low scores to the ps4, giving ultra low scores to the ps4 exclusive games, like killzone and its 3-4/10 unbiased scores, and they praised the xbox one amazing features which 90% don’t work outside the north america, and gave ultra high scores to xbox one exclusive games, like forza5, ryse, etc, claiming at the end that the xbox one is the best, has the best lineup, best interface, best design, best features, best everything. Amazing professional journalists even said resolution and graphics aren’t important, and 720p and 1080p look the same.

    All conditions are present so the xbox fan run and buy the xbox one. But, surprise, that isn’t happening. I know hundreds of guys that are waiting for their europe, the ps4 isn’t even listed on many big online retailers, so they don’t cumulate dozens thousands of orders that they won’t be able to deliver before 4-6 months. Some shops that dare displaying the ps4 on their ads, they clearly state it won’t be available before march.

    If Sony had 10 million ps4 available for sale, I believe they would be sold in a couple of weeks. The sold-out situation is creating such momentum, such desire, every single person from 5yo to 80yo knows about the ps4, and knows it is sold out, and knows everybody wants one.this is the current situation, xbox fans, hate it as much as you can, refute it as much as you can, everybody wants a ps4. And that, including the american gamers.
    And those who only care about forza, halo, gears, etc, that are reading this comment, they will probably buy a ps4 as well.
    Is it smart to be a blind fanboy and get a graphically inferior system for 100$ more, a system that struggles displaying games at 720p30fps, like killer instinct, when the competition, for only 399$, are proudly displaying games with top-level graphics and effects like killzone shadow fall, at 1080p60fps. And please don’t tell me killzone this, killzone that.
    Killzone was just a victim of the US press, that wanted to make the xbox one lineup shine, compared to the ps4 titles. How can a cod game, that used the same engine as all the last gen titles, that lasts 4 hours, that is just a rinse and repeat parody that gives 1.5 billion to Activision, with tons of expensive dlcs, passes, seasons passes, premium passes, over and over, on an engine that can’t even correctly use the xbox one power, and limits the game to 720p, how can this game get all the 9 and 10/10 from press, when a game like killzone shadow fall, that tries to innovate, that lasts 11-13 hours to finish, that has truly next gen graphics and effects, that has a great multiplayer, that isn’t sold at 60 bucks to beta testers, I mean, customers, with tons of bugs, like bf4, and still, the game gets 3-4/10 scores.
    Does a shooter need to feature american soldiers as main characters, like cod and bf4. To succeed, and to receive +8-9/10/10 scores from the US press?
    Is killzone a 3/10 game? Of course not. The story may not be the best one, according to reviewers, and ai tends to kill you, instead of searching, avoiding, etc.
    Is a good story a story where a couple of american soldiers save the world, for the 244th time? Is a bad story a story like killzone, that is naturally the sequel of last killzone 3 events, where no american soldiers are featured in the game?

    Killzone shadow fall is a true showcase, and only blind fanboys and the PC master race will say the opposite. But hey, it was a ps4 exclusive game, the press had to make it look like sh!t, compared to, say, a ryses game.

    Anyway, killzone will sell millions units, and until infamous ss is released, the 5-8 million ps4 gamers will, like 70-80%, at least, buy killzone game. Haters gonna hate and say they have nothing else to buy, of course. Excepting ryse, forza5, there is nothing really appealing on the xbox one. Did forza5 or ryse sell 2 million copies? Not at all.

    So yeah, microsoft can show pretty numbers and excel sheets with the total of zombies killed, but gamers finally don’t give a damn about having a TV show displayed next to their game. People buy new consoles for 10 times better graphics, not for watching TV and turning the system off with their voice. And that’s why the xbox one isn’t sold out, and not many people are buying it. And when the xbox one isn’t successful in NA, we can only imagine the worst for Europe, and even worse, in japan.

    Hate it, the ps4 is for the gamers. ps1/PS2 times are back.without no doubt.

    • HPerquin

      The biggest mistake MS made was launching an inferior gaming console coupled with the cable options as their biggest draw. It is a family targeted console, this ‘home entertainment’ package, but North American families are dumping cable and turning to internet streaming in hordes. You take away that cable feature and what is left? An inferior gaming unit at an inflated price. Kinect was once a serious draw, but families who’ve had it know that with young kids, Kinect is a PITA. Wii, WiiU and Nintendo3DS are preferred options, with Disney’s Infinity and Skylander’s now going hot – and guess what? You don’t need either new console to maximize these games for your kids. So, Average Mom & Dad are looking at new consoles and trying to figure out what to buy and XboxOne just doesn’t seem all that great at such a price. Non-gaming Mom & Dad might decide then to buy neither and invest instead in WiiU, Nintendo3DS and the stuff their young kids want if they don’t already have that. Gaming Mom & Dad (or those with teens) snatch up the PS4, perhaps smart enough to have pre-ordered it, or they found themselves in a situation at Christmas where the only next-gen console on the shelf was the XboxOne, so they bought it for little Joey so Joey can tell the Jones’ boy all about HIS new console! (Let’s watch the sales closely following the Christmas rush and see how well MS does now. That will be a real indicator of it’s strength.) PS4 is the serious gaming console worth buying with more exclusives, better capabilities, and a better outlook for integration of future tech like VR. I predict it will continue to out-sell XboxOne unless MS seriously lower that price or cable suddenly makes a major comeback. (Unlikely at the current provider rates!) Hardcore gamers clearly out-favour the PS4 over XBone for valid reasons. MS has it’s fans, but I’ll stand by my earlier prediction last spring that Sony will hold the lead in this round of console wars.

    • Tim Tsai

      The XBone is fortunate enough to benefit from a severe handicap, so far. However, it’ll be an entirely different story in 2014, 2015, 2016, etc. There is nothing M$ can do to make up for the deficit they are already experiencing now.

      No amounts of optimization will allow the XBone be more powerful than the PS4. The power difference between the two is much larger than the difference between the 360 and PS3. The difference will really show down the line as the PS4’s GPU has 4x the GPGPU granularity, allowing it to perform CPU-like tasks. As a result, the PS4’s CPUs don’t have to do as much work while the XBone’s CPUs have to do a lot more while also being 0.25 Ghz slower.

      There is absolutely no way the XBone can outdo the PS4 in terms of games unless M$ does an about face with their current attitude. Sony delivers in both quality and quantity while M$ is struggling in both departments. I could tell since E3 that M$ basically showed nearly their entire hand while Sony has kept a lot of their cards pressed tightly to their chests. I will admit Quantum Break looks freakin awesome, but beyond that, I don’t see that kind of quality elsewhere. For the PS4, we’ll be expecting Infamous: Second Son, Driveclub, Natural Doctrine, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Deep Down, MLB 14: The Show, Yakuza Ischin, Final Fantasy XIV, The Order: 1886, and even more.

      Already, we’re hearing stories of XBones being widely available across every country. Why is it that the PS4 is unavailable everywhere while the XBone is still in stock? It’s probably because most of the people who bought XBones are XBox fans or multiconsole owners. The hardcore XBox fan community is much smaller than people think. Of the ~80 million 360’s that were sold, only about half of the users is subscribed to Live Gold. Well, 40 million is more than enough to buy all those XBones in stock, so why aren’t they being cleared off the shelves? It could be because a lot of them are 1.) Waiting for M$ to reduce the price or dump Kinect or 2.) Really pissed at M$ for actively trying to screw them over prior to their 180’s.

      • cooly

        Bull shit

        • Dakan45

          ueah tim tsai is a huge sony licker.

      • Dakan45

        still sucking off sony eh?

      • 5Twist

        There is one person from the Gamrconnect forums who works at Target in Chicago. His Target store had too many unsold X1’s to the point that they had to send them back to the distribution center so they could be redistributed. Other users in the thread have confirmed that this is also happening in their stores. This doesn’t look good for the X1 if this keeps up….

        • Dakan45

          Why you suck sony so much eh>?

    • Alessio Palumbo

      I agree with you on the fact that PS4 exclusives were underrated by most of the press. Killzone is a great game, the best multiplayer FPS this year and only surpassed in single player by Metro: Last Light. I’m not quite sure why the press and the general public doesn’t get this franchise, because it’s a great shooter.

      • HPerquin

        About Killzone… yah, it is a victim of a crap marketing campaign. I’m not sure what Sony thought would happen, it would sell itself? Even Microsoft knows to market it’s top games, no matter their popularity. Halo gets Superbowl ads. Killzone? Can’t remember seeing an ad for it, ever. Sony needs to learn how to market their games. They’ve never been as good at that as Nintendo & Microsoft.

    • Dakan45

      haha cry more sony boy


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