[Report]PS4 Might Be Leaking Liquid As Well

After the reports gathered by SpawnFirst on Xbox One leaks , it looks like something similar might happen to PlayStation 4 as well. We have recovered the following pictures from the always useful Neogaf board :

This is with the cover still on…


This is after the cover has been removed…


Here the user removes the liquid, which according to him is very easy.


The liquid is also reportedly odorless. If you have any similar situations with your PS4, please let us know and we’ll add relevant information to the report.

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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  • John

    Where is the liquide coming from? The battery? Hard Drive? And is it toxic?

    • anonymoose

      It’s probably piss-poor thermal paste.


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