No Man’s Sky Devs Unable To Use Their Flood Insurance

Hello Games, the development studio of the highly anticipated title No Man’s Sky, was amongst the unfortunate people who suffered from flooding in the London area during Christmas day. The natural disaster, which caused 50K homes to be without power and hundreds of people to be forcefully evacuated from their houses, hit the studio pretty hard, much to the commotion of their followers. What’s more, it seems like they just learned that they won’t be able to use their insurance, although at least they do see an upside as well:

This is quite the setback for a studio which was already small to begin with. However, they have already demonstrated to have the right spirit, declaring they’ll come back stronger and adding that the real problem is for those poor ones who actually lived in a flooded house:

Since the incident, some have suggested for them to setup a donation system, or just try to get a Kickstarter campaign going as soon as possible. Would you donate to Hello Games for No Man’s Sky ? Let us know below.

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  • bigshynepo

    Yes, lets help get these guys back in action and get the product delivered sooner.
    I can’t wait to see the finished product of this sweet looking game.

  • T Dot M Dot

    Yes and now open a kickstarter so loads of people will fund your game lol

  • bowlingotter

    Bring on the kickstarter. The community is itching to band together over this.

  • dark_aerys

    open a kickstarter and ill be onboard!

  • MB.Mephisto

    So, I still haven’t read anywhere….. Was their game backed up ? Or did they generally lose everything ?

    • PixelOmen

      It’s still unclear. It seems they’re kind of avoiding the subject.

      • MB.Mephisto

        Would be nice to get some closure :(
        It’s driving me crazy.

        • PixelOmen

          I’m sure you’re not alone.

  • Joe

    Misleading headline – they were never insured for flood damage in the first place.

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    Come on Sony help them out!

    • Dakan45

      yeah because sony is a charity. idiot.

      • Clarence Thompkins II

        I’m not sure if you know, but Sony gives devs money to create games, and they can do the same for Hello Games. please refrain from name calling, it’s not mature.

        • Dakan45

          “They also buy development teams….”

          “Sony gives devs money to create games”

          Those 2 statements contradict themselfs.

          Sony is either buying off studios or fund the development of games, which makes them exlusive to playstation.

          Sony will not “help them out” they will buy off the rights and release that game ONLY on ps4. They will cut their sales with exlusivity rights to ps4.

          Better make a kickstarter than sony or ms “helping them out”

          Thats what happened to bayonetta 2, nitendo pays for it, so ms and sony dont get to play that game.

          • Clarence Thompkins II

            That’s not a contradiction Dakan when Sony buys dev teams its not like that’s the only money they get they still need money to actually create the games. Now yes me being a Sony fanboy I know that it would be better for them to go multiplate and go onto kickstarter, but I would love for them to be PS exclusive. Sony’s development teams are doing well for themselves. Quantum Dream is not bought out by Sony and they develop exclusively for that platform and they too are doing well for themselves.

            So Sony could buy them or talk to them about developing and I’m sure people who would want to play it will buy a PS4…it’s cheap enough. I have all three consoles so I won’t have to worry about it.

            • Dakan45

              Why do you need a game to be exlusive to your system to enjoy it? Let alone saying “i would love for this to be exlusive”

              Wtf? What do you gain from it since you have all consoles? Its just less people playing it.

              This is why why cant have nice things. Because sony and ms buy off franchises, horror games are turned into action to get more sales and games are dumbed down for more sales.

              This is how it works, in the end everything will be impossible to make without exlusviity rights, or aiming for very high sales to keep the franchise getting sequels.

              Silly me thiking it was about games, nope its about backing developers up to a wall and force them to sumbit to your demands so you can publish the game… just like bethesda did with prey 2, they backed them to a wall with a contract and cutting their budget to make them miss the deadline so they can take over the ip….legally!!

              In this case however they gonna need help from a publisher to recover from the flood and someone is gonna grab them and take over the rights to their ip.

              It could be a specific system exlusive, or they can change the game, or go to kickstarter.

              Aint it awesome? So i am gonna repeat myself sony is not charity, if they pick them up, they gonna make it a sony exlusive and basically hold the game hostage until you buy a ps4 and pay for psn.

              • Clarence Thompkins II

                In war nothing really makes sense, same goes for fanboy/console wars. In the end it’s just useless bragging rights.

                I say I would like it exclusive because I am a fanboy even though the human being inside me knows it will be better for them to be multiplat.

                No sure what your 3rd paragraph is trying to say because Resident Evil is multiplat, but I hear they are gong back to their roots with RE7. TLoU wasn’t horror it was an action game. MS side…umm L4D? idk

                All in all I can’t wait for No Man’s Sky…I’m sure we can agree on that.

                • Dakan45

                  My point is that games are changing what they are, to be more simplistic to appeal to more peopl, or publsihers wont sell them. Wasteland 2 for example, couldnt get a publisher because they all gave them absymal treatment and wanted them to turn it into a shooter to get more sales. Tomb raider spended 100 million in development costs, you would think they could make the best tomb raider game ever with that kinda money but no, instead they spend them on voice acting, motion capture, writing, cinematography to sell this as movie in order to get more sales to cover the crazy devepoment costs.

                  They could made a “tomb raider” game they made a uncharted clone to get sales….and didnt get them. This is a endless circles of trying to attract more buyers by spending more money to dumb down the game and have high production values instead of makign a good innovative game with as less money as possible and staying loyal to your fans.

                  Dead space 3 wanted 5 million, re6 wanted 7, they got 5, it was sitll considered a failure and damaging for capcom.

                  Its pathetic what has happened to gaming and on top of all that you say that you would “love” for sony to buy off this franchise so no one will be able to play it unless they pay sony to give em acess to the game.

                  I thought we played games not consoles.

                  ps who downvotes your comments?

                  • Clarence Thompkins II

                    ps idk I just clicked on upvote to see it it would work and it did

                    But I see your point, but to be honest it’s not the developers or publishers really doing it, its the consumers. When the publishers and devs see Call of Duty selling crazy they strive to be like that, but end up failing in so many ways because they weren’t meant to sale 20mil copies like CoD.

                    Developers actually have a choice at least I believe they do if they can not do their game the way they want with one publisher then go to another. If all else fails crowd fund it. They don’t need to dumb their vision just because it wont sell well. If they know it plays great then send it out. But if they know it won’t play well then like Ubisoft wait it out (Watch Dogs)

                    Like I said before its the fanboy inside me that would want it Sony exclusive. The PS4 is a great console and I see no reason for someone who likes games won’t have one. But it’s also the gamer inside me that owns all 3 systems would like it to do as well as it can. That’s why I said in war nothing makes sense.

                    • Dakan45

                      ” I see no reason for someone who likes games won’t have one.”

                      Its called pc gaming, better graphics, better cotnrols, cheaper games no mp fees, mods…has about 51% of the market.

                    • Clarence Thompkins II

                      But they will be missing out on a lot of great Sony exclusives though and at 399 with playstation plus at 50 a year getting free games to play is pretty cheap too. And at 2 or so years those games that were 60 bucks crawl down to nearly 10 bucks.

                      I know about Steams, I don’t use it that much since I’m a console gamer, but I do play some PC games. I have too Gaming laptops. Not too much into a dedicated gaming PC because that’s a lot of time and space I rather not have.

                      PCs may have better graphics but better controls is subjective. MMO’s still have mp fees, and like i said with ps plus it’s more than just playing online. Mods I agree are awesome and it can happen on console if publishers and devs will it. and 51% of the market…when Dota2 League of Legends dominate the market 51% is hardly a fighting argument. When CoD, Assassian’s Creed, and other blockbuster games sale more on console than PC I don’t see that 51% actually meaning anything.

                      when I said I can’t see someone not having one Sony has a lot of great 1st party offering more than just RTS and Moba games.

                    • Dakan45

                      Pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined….lots of games missing out on there.

                      Controls are not subjective, a 5$ mouse is more accurate and precize than any controller, maybe steam controller fixes that. On pc you can use any controller and change the controls to whatever you want, killzone 2 uses the thumbsicks to aim down the sights, if you want to use the triggers instead, there is nothing you can do, on pc you can.

                      Yeah mmos have fees, but the games that you get from playstation plus are not yours, you rent them and you lose then once you stop paying the subscription you dont own them.

                      Its unclear how elder of scrolls online will work on consoles you may have to pay a fee there too. However mp games on pc like say cod dont need a fee.

                      People think pc gaming is dead but it has 51% of the market, most exlusives and most developers, couldnt care less if annual franchises sell more on consoles, so does fifa. Console gamers seem to ingore pc market and mobile gaming that suprisingly are becoming threating to the console market.

                      You think pc exlusives are rts and moba? LOL pc has the widest variety of games, fps, adventure games, rpgs, horror games, that are dead on consoles, even simulators.

                    • Clarence Thompkins II

                      Never said PC gaming was dead, but when it comes to value simplicity and games consoles give the better value.
                      Skyrim even with their mods only was able to sale 3.7 on PC where as both consoles combined sold 12.8 nearly 4 times as much.

                      Now that the next generation is getting underway Going Home will be heading to the PS4 which was once a PC exclusive as well as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. so devs do care if their games get put on console.

                      The reason why I say rts and moba because that’s the most played genre This book is for 2012 but it’s pretty good source though. Most sold genre in computer games Top 3: 28% RPG, 26.7% Casual, 24.9% Strategy Top 3 Sold games: Dablo 3, Guild Wars, WoW….

                      I’m sure it hasn’t changed for 2013 point is shooters are not the PC’s main argument anymore. And I’m not saying it’s dead I’m just saying it’s a small niche of people that actually game on PC.

                    • Dakan45

                      I hope you reallize that digital distrubition eg steam is not counted towards the sales that sites like vgchartz put up. most sales on pc come from steam so skyrim is about 5 million, since there are two consoles, i guess the sales are pretty even out between pc and console.

                      Avoid gone home like the devil its not a game, its a 2 hour lesbo story.

                      I dont care about everybody gone to rapture, dear esther was a walkign simulator. There is 0% reasons for a game to be exlusive to any system, they only do it on consoles because they pay them to do it. Sony pays them to do it, no one owns pc gaming to pay them to keep a game exlusive to pc.

                      Pc has a vary wide variety of genres, hard to gather sales.

                      I would say shooters are crap on every system, infact horror and hack and slash games are dying genres on consles.

                      Pc has alot of fps, but think about it, what is there to play? Unreal tournament? Epic stopped making them and blamed pc piracy for low sales, despite the fact its a mp game and pc version had more sales than both console versions combined. People still play counter stirke and quake and cod4 where if you go to a console, eveyone has moved to new games. There is cod which has far more players on consoles, there is bf which has alot of players but the diffirence is that all bf games are played right now, not just bf4, alot of people still play counter strike, there is arma, there is l4d2, there is red orchestra, there are f2p games and there also exlusives.

                      So no, fps on pc are big, just not as big as consoles and how could they be since the only fps on consoles that have alot of players are basicly cod and bf and halo and killzone on their own consoles, other than that the fps genre is been squashed by consoles which dictated to the entire shooter industry that you MUST get every average joe to play cod and bf and you need 10-15 million sales or so. Seriously this thing is riddiculus, homefront, medal of honor even crysis 3, all those games trying to copy cod and bf instead of being their own game and go after their audience, i HATE what has been done to the fps genre thanks to cod and bf. Everyone is trying to sell their games to that casual audience instead of making diffirent games, so the development budget and sales standards are rising, its pathetic.

      • Clarence Thompkins II

        They also buy development teams….

    • Guest

      $0N¥ PauperStation can GTFO of business pauper!

      • Clarence Thompkins II

        lol guest

  • Dakan45

    So how much of the game is left? Do they have a backup or something or start from scratch?

  • brianc6234

    Insurance companies suck. They make you pay a fortune and find any little excuse to not pay out. Then hide important details in legalese fine print. I wonder if they let you sue over this in the UK? They should have been told since you’re in a flood zone you can’t get insured for flooding.


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