Battlefield 4 Banned by Chinese Government

The Chinese Government have officially banned Electronic Art’s latest first-person shooter hit, Battlefield 4, claiming that the game is a threat to national security.


The “threat” no doubt refers to Battlefield 4’s depiction of China and the Chinese military as an enemy of US, as well as being shown as ruthless oppressors throughout the game. Battlefield’s first downloadable content, “China Rising”, further agitates this negative image.


According to a report, they also accused the U.S. game developer for depicting a form of cultural invasion. China’s Ministry of Culture issued a notice prohibiting all materials related to the game in any form, including game downloads, demos, patch downloads, and news reports.


After an earlier report in state-run newspaper China Military, said Battlefield 4 “smears China’s image” and was a new form of “cultural invasion”.


The word “ZhanDi4″, the Chinese translation for Battlefield 4, is already censored on the country’s biggest social media site, however, online users in China are still posting peer-to-peer download links of the game under its English names and acronym “BF4″.


Released in October, Battlefield 4 is available in North America, Europe, Jana, Australia, and New Zealand, and was not officially launched in China.

By Danny Hodges (52 Posts)

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  • Bos

    …aaaand that’s why China is not sympathetic to anyone.
    They really need to hire some marketing expert.

  • Dakan45

    shame on bf4 for dare bashing china and make them look lime monsters, shame on them for invading their culture of SLAVERY and shame on bf4 for daring to say that china is a dictatorship super power that will order it citizens to invade everyone without them having a say in this….like you know freedom, shame on bf4 for invading their culture, bf4 has no right to do this….infact NOTHING has any rights in china, not artists, not copyrights, not the citizens themselfs, not freedom of speech either, lets ban and silence everyone and claim that china doesnt ripoff everyone but infact everything including aliens are ripped off from china. Everything stories, fake iphones everything. Its not like china is filtering and blocking everything online with super cencorship and everyone is using proxys, its not like china has very high worker suicide rates due to horrible conditions.

    Just and admit that we are all liars who dare invade china’s culture with our freedom of speech and copyrighys and fair wages and other western ideas that corrupted the minds of young china sheep…sorry i meant slaves…sorry i meant people.

    As for the aliens part, google it, china claims they ripped the looks of aliens from a old painting

    smears China’s image” and was a new form of “cultural invasion”.
    smears China’s image” and was a new form of “cultural invasion”.
    smears China’s image” and was a new form of “cultural invasion”.

  • Just_the_guy_u_hate

    EA and the whole BF teams message to China..”Well fk you to then”

  • JoeBun

    China is a threat to the US and the world community. Read the news and you’ll learn why their hegemonistic ambitions is dangerous.


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