How To Use DLNA & YouTube On Your PS4

Some people have been slightly disappointed when they noticed that PlayStation 4 didn’t support DLNA streaming at launch, since PlayStation 3 did. Sony admitted that they didn’t think this feature would be so important to customers, and they may reintroduce it at a later date; however, in the meantime the Web found a workaround (as it always does), using the integrated PS4 browser, estimated to be five times faster than the Xbox One’s by Anandtech.

The first step is to download Plex Media Server on your PC, where you have stored your media. Map your media to the server and just wait a few minutes to let Plex fetch all relevant metadata; then, you can go to your PlayStation 4 and navigate to http://{ip_of_plex_server}:32400/manage ; you can find a detailed video explanation below.



We also have a tip for those of you who’ve been trying to browse YouTube from the PS4. The default interface is the one you can find on PC, which is not exactly TV friendly. However, you can just type in the browser instead to get the same layout provided by the PS3 app, which is certainly a lot easier to use for those with HDTVs (the vast majority). Let us know if these tips made your life on PS4 more comfortable!



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