First Screenshots And Info For Breath of Fire 6

Inside Games released the first screenshots for Capcom‘s Breath of Fire 6.  This newest Guardians of the Breath of Fire – White Dragon, is one for the die-hard Anime fans, in production for smartphone, tablet, and PC.

breath of fire 6-screen

Here’s what we know about the game:

  • Like most sequential series, it contains a deep storyline and richly developed world view.
  • It’s user friendly with a simple battle system rid of any complicated commands.  However, it’s still a well developed system, using quick succession skills with AI party members to create combos in battle.
  • The terrain you do battle in apparently also factors in your strategy somehow.
  • The main character is customizable and uses the “Power of the Dragon.”
  • Players can be either humans, fairies, felines or “grassrunners” (humans with animal features).
  • Differing from previous entries, in Breath of Fire 6 the abilities and memorized skills will contain special traits, which it is presumed will be stat boosts or similar traits.

breath of fire 6-screen-plus

The game’s online component  centers on rebuilding Dragnir Village, which players can rebuild as they wish, but can also access a cooperative element of travelling to other player’s villages where you can help by intercepting enemy attacks.


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  • Ritsujun

    … side-scroller?

  • Roll Caskett

    Breath Of Fire is dead. The last good BOF game is IV. Fuck you Capcom for ruining this franchise.

  • Allan Craig

    This sucks! As far as I’m concerned, this game doesn’t exist. Just like Star Wars Prequels or a fourt Indiana Jones movie. Never happened.

  • Dustin Barlow

    Their not gonna make a giant RPG if they have no idea if it will sell. Buy this game (the whole whopping 4 bucks it will cost) and show Capcom that their is an market for the series. Or keep bitching about how horrid this game is based off 3 screen shots.


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